Walmart Christmas Sales And Coupons Now Through The New Year


These days Black Friday doesn’t just mean Black Friday. They start talking about this big after Thanksgiving sale well before the holiday and into the Christmas season. The sales might shift and change throughout, but companies are trying to invite customers to turn the holiday season into one big shopping experience with tons of discounts, sales and promotions. As you can well imagine, Walmart is following suit and even leading the way when it come to this kind of holiday shopping experience.

If you’re into Black Friday, you’ve already been watching the Walmart Christmas sales going on right now. Christmas is fast approaching, and one way you can keep on top of the sales they push out is by checking their website. Even if you were planning on visiting the store, you don’t want to be in there every day. Those associates walk around setting up sales bins, rolling back prices and changing things around daily. Trust me, I used to work at a Walmart so I know.

Some of the sales on big ticket items might stay the same for awhile, but think about what you might be looking for. Consider the items that you might not even think to look for, yet you might be able to find them on sale if you just get to browsing. It’s no secret that Walmart is going to have some of the best prices you can find anywhere. Maybe you’ve seen another Christmas sale on a particular product, and you want to see if Walmart is putting it out at a better price.

You know even if they don’t have the best price on everything that they are trying hard to make coupons available. Customers always know it’s a good idea to at least check with Walmart first. The company also offers certain brands sometimes that can help customers undercut prices without having to pay so much money. Christmas shopping can get expensive for sure.


What about products that are unique to Walmart? Not only do you have to think about that, but you also have to think about products that might not be found in stores. There can also be online only deals, meaning that the product may be found in stores and online, yet the special price is only for online shoppers. These types of rules apply to shopping with any company during the Christmas season, so Walmart is no exception.

You want to make sure that you’re getting the best deals on the Christmas gifts you need. Don’t forget about those Christmas decorations, too. Have you already set yours up? If not, time is slipping away, and soon people are going to be pulling gifts out from under the tree. If you don’t have a tree set up, that’s kind of difficult to do.

There are easier ways these days to get the lights and Christmas decorations going. Get creative, and save your energy and time by also getting to some Christmas shopping online. That is the way you can stay ahead of the game. Just make sure you pay attention to shipping dates because you want all of the Christmas gifts you buy ready in time.

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5 Family Traditions to Do with Your Kids on Christmas Eve


Your kids love the excitement of unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning, but the anticipation they feel on Christmas Eve can be just as fun. Make the night before Christmas even more special by doing some fun activities with your children. Here are six family traditions to do with your kids on Christmas Eve:

1. Prepare a quick holiday meal.

Christmas Day is usually when you serve a holiday ham and all the trimmings. On the night before you cook the big feast, try letting the whole family whip up something easy and fun. You could set up a taco bar or perhaps allow your children to assemble their own pizzas. Red and green bell peppers would be festive toppings. No matter what you make for your Christmas Eve spread, your kids will enjoy being in the kitchen with you.

Christmas Eve Salad Recipe

christmas eve salad

A traditional Mexican dish served on Christmas Eve.


  1. Layer the beets and grapefruit in an alternating single layer on a serving platter. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
  2. In a small bowl, combine the sour cream, reserved beet juice, 1 tablespoon agave nectar and 1 tablespoon lime juice. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Drizzle over the layered beets.
  3. In a small bowl, combine the remaining agave nectar and remaining lime juice. Stir.
  4. In a medium bowl, combine the apple, cilantro, pomegranate seeds and lime juice mixture. Toss until well combined. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Place the apple mixture in a line down the layered beets.
  5. Serve with a bowl of spring mix for a complete salad.

TIP: Fresh beets may be substituted if available. Preheat oven to 425°. Wrap 2 whole beets in foil and roast for 40-50 minutes until fork tender. Use a paper towel to remove the skin and slice into ¼-inch rounds.

Recipe Courtesy of Chef Michelle, ALDI Test Kitchen


2. Decorate stockings.

For a great holiday craft, consider using this simple idea. Pick up some fabric paint and a few plain stockings from your local craft store. Then, let the fun begin! Your children can decorate the stockings by writing their names and drawing cute Christmas designs. When they’re done, hang the stockings by the fireplace to be filled with goodies after your little ones go to bed.

3. Bake cookies for Santa Claus.

santa cookies

Store-bought treats are fine, but there’s nothing like a homemade cookie fresh from the oven. Let your kids help you measure and pour ingredients to make a batch of your family’s favorite kind. They can also cut out holiday shapes and decorate them however they like. Your children will feel proud of their creations when they place them alongside a glass of milk for Santa Claus.

4. Check out the neighborhood decorations.

Christmas Eve is the perfect opportunity to check out your neighbors’ holiday displays. From dazzling lights and characters to beautiful garlands and wreaths, your kids will love seeing the fantastic decorations on nearby homes. Go for a drive after dinner to take in the festive scenery.

5. Allow each child to open one present.

If your kids just can’t wait to open up those Christmas gifts, consider allowing each child to unwrap one present. It’s a good way to make their eagerness a bit more bearable. Make sure to give every kid a similar gift so that everyone will feel equal. You might want to go with something like a set of holiday pajamas or a personalized ornament to hang on the tree. Letting each family member open something small will be a terrific tradition to cap off the Christmas Eve festivities.

kids open present

Christmas Day often gets the most attention during this time of year, but Christmas Eve can be just as exciting for your children. Any of the ideas on this list will help you create some family memories this year. With these great activities, you can easily stretch out the fun of the holiday season!

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The Best Christmas Gifts for Mom.

christmas gifts

Do you have your Christmas list ready? I know that you have a list of people you would like to give gifts during Christmas including your mom. Your mom has always taken care of you and you have to look for something special gift to show her that you appreciate what she did to your life.


Handcrafted personalized necklaces

personalized necklace

A handcrafted personalized necklace is one of the most exciting gifts for a mom. The necklace can have her name custom inscribed and birth date in it. There is a wide range of personalized necklaces that come with different designs.

There are personalized necklaces with heart shapes, circles, and several other designs. It is very important to choose a necklace based on your mom’s personality. I am sure that you know your mom so well that you know what kind of necklace she will love.

Christmas ornaments with hand painted designs

custome christmas ornament

Moms do love decorations especially putting Christmas ornament in preparation for Christmas. This is why it can be a great idea to gift your mom with Christmas ornaments with hand painted designs. You can include the name of your mom on the ornaments.

Photo albums and photo frames

custom photo frame

Look for the best photos of your mom and your family and put them into a photo album and to the photo frame. This will bring back memories to your mom and she will remember you every time she looks into the photo frame and photo album. We all love to make memories last a lifetime. Visit Frames Direct coupons to save during purchase.

Christmas bear

christmas bear

A Christmas bear could be a perfect gift for mom during the Christmas season. It could allow you to put the name of your mom or a phrase that suits your mom.

At 12” this soft brown bear with a cute Santa could be something that your mother will display prominently in her room. You can write the name or short message in the red scarf the bear wears. Isn’t that very cute? Visit TSC Toys for their latest coupons here

Luxurious spa

luxurious spa

Taking your mom to a luxurious spa can be a very wonderful gift for your mom. It could just be one day of treatment: facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, warm stones treatment and a delicious healthy lunch. If possible, go with her so that it can even be more fun for her. Save on your nex spa book here at SpaFinder Wellenss with their coupons.

Designer diaper bag

Make your mom sit in the lap of luxury by gifting her with a designer diaper bag to keep her things organized and be pretty organized and elegant at the same time. There are several must have diaper bags and even celebrities are now using designer diaper bags.

designer diaper bags

Pick a bag that matches your mother’s tastes and personality. Choose your mom’s favorite style and colors. Even if your mom does not have to carry diapers anymore, she will appreciate the luxury that comes with carrying diaper bags as they are modern and elegant. Visit Bags and Bows for discounts on bags with their coupons and deals

It should not be that difficult choosing a Christmas gift for your mom as there are different gifts for mom ideas. All you need to do is to be creative and think deeply about what you think will make your mother feel special.

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