All Hallow’s Eve of Yesteryears n Fun Halloween of Today

A complete guide to various Halloween traditions, Halloween shopping, and Halloween costumes.

Happy Halloween

Halloween is not just about wearing spooky costumes or intimidating people. There is a lot more to it than it meets the eye. As the story goes, the idea was to dress like the ghosts of the dead to trick those into believing that we are one of them.  The Americanized Halloween we see today, is in fact, a Celtic tradition with its origins in Britain.

Let’s catch up on the history for a bit…

Halloween zombies

Celebrated every year on October 31st, the Halloween marks the ending of the summer and beginning of the dark winter. According to the popular belief, on this particular night before the All Saints Day observed on November 1st, the wall between the living and the dead blurs out. The spirits in the state of confusion enter the world of the life and destroy the crop and cause trouble to the living.

  • The remarkable tradition of dressing up like ghosts goes back to 2000 years ago. The Celts apparently used to dress up in white costumes and blackened faces to dress the ghosts.
  • The Christians adopted the pagan celebrations by the 11th century. During this era, the trick or treating tradition began. The children would go dressed as angels, demons or saints asking for soul cakes in exchange for their prayers for the lost souls.
  • During that time, part of offering prayers for the dead involved cross-dressing as well.
  • Slowly all the Christian nations of the world today celebrate the Halloweens.
  • In the 19th century, the prayers transformed into songs, poetry, and jokes negotiating for fruits and candy in return. The dressing also underwent a change and costumes began to look more exotic and adventurous such as Egyptian pharaoh or like a bat.
  • By 1970s, the people took towards the pop culture theme. The culture of throwing Halloween pranks, dressing up as zombies, waking up the people from sleep started becoming popular.

Halloween is more widespread than we think…

Halloween traditions

With its roots in the United Kingdom, the Halloween tradition or similar celebrations manifest in different parts of the world in a wide variety of ways.

  1. Mexico: Known as El Dia de los Muertos (the day of the dead), the Mexicans also celebrate the 3-day long festival from October 31st.
  2. Brazil: The South American nation popularly known for beauties and soccer also celebrates Halloween though not as a major festival.
  3. Chile: As a token of remembrance of the dead, Chile also observes Halloween by organizing costume and masquerade contests and decorating the tombs of the dead.
  4. Germany: This nation has been following the age-old tradition by hiding the knives on the Halloween night to prevent the ghosts from causing any harm.
  5. Greece: The Greeks celebrate a similar festival called the Apokrias in the month of
  6. Thailand: The Halloween culture though not adopted by the nationals of the country, the expatriate population has made the Halloween celebrations hugely popular.
  7. Czech Republic: Dusicky, is the festivals celebrated by this nation to mark the day of the dead.
  8. Spain: Spain celebrates the day of the witches called El Dia de las Brujas on October 31st. However, the Americanized Halloween celebrations are slowly catching up in the nation.
  9. Italy: “The Souls Day” is celebrated in Italy on November 1st with traditional food and customs.
  10. Philippines: They celebrate the Halloween version called Pangagaluluwa where the children sing songs in exchange for candies and sweets.
  11. Japan: The Japanese celebrate Matsuri or Urabon in the similar lines of Halloween in the middle of the year as opposed to the October Celebrations.
  12. China: Halloween is popular in China due to the Americans and Canadians who migrated to China.
  13. South Korea: The Asian nation celebrates Chusok, which is similar to the Halloween celebrations in August.

Fun with Halloween Costumes …

The Halloween tradition which started on a more serious note slowly transformed into a festival of fun and enjoyment. Today, it is all about carving pumpkins, playing pranks, dressing up in spooky Halloween costumes and lots of candies. During this time, the young and the children constantly feel the pressure to come up with the right outfits. However, for the upcoming Halloween try out our store suggestions and Halloween costume ideas to find the best Halloween costumes online.

We made sure that the list includes unique Halloween costume ideas that are far from racial stereotyping or being offensive but at the same time are creative to the core.


Group Halloween costumes:Group Halloween offers cheap Halloween costumes at wholesale prices. They are hugely popular for group and couple Halloween costumes collections. Alice in Wonderland, Jurassic World, Queen of Hearts and Ghostbusters are only a few of their best-selling group themes out of a wide variety of choices they offer. Get additional discounts on the purchase through Wholesale Halloween costumes coupons. You can match up with the right accessories from the vast collection the store offers to complete the ensemble. They offer Halloween clearance sale as well.

Trendy Halloween costumes:

Frozen Halloween costume

Get the Frozen Elsa look for $22.95. offers an outrageous collection of the latest and the happening Halloween costumes. Try their Guardians of the galaxy, Donald Trump, Star Wars ideas or go by brands with Harry Potter or Frozen themes to standout from the crowd with a creative outfit. Avail crazy discounts this Halloween with Trendy Halloween coupons.

Retro Halloween costumes:                                                                                                                                                                                   

Grease Halloween costume                                                                                                                                    

Get the Grease look for $35.95. has a specialized assortment of retro outfits. Bring the favorite spooky characters from the 80s back to life this year with Beatles, Captain America or Grease costumes. Check out their collection and do not forget to save big through Costume kingdom coupons.

Kids Halloween costumes:                                                                                                                                  

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Plush Puppy Toddler look available at $29.99. One of the best online stores for kids is the Check out their video for creating a unique Halloween outfit all- by-yourself on their website. Click on Halloween Express coupons for extra discounts.                                                 

Cheap Halloween costumes:                                                      

baby Halloween costumes


Get the Baby Count Dracula look at $20.31For popular Halloween costumes for fewer prices, try Right from baby Halloween costumes for infants, toddlers, girls, and boys, teens, young men and women, the store offers cheap Halloween costumes for all age groups. Avail additional discounts through Costumes 4 fewer coupons.

Post more costume ideas or store recommendations in case you have any, in the comments window below. Let’s make Halloween more fun this year without putting too much pressure on pockets.    

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When You Can Get The Most From Your Coupons


Couponing has become a popular means of saving a great deal on grocery and hygiene products, and with good reason. Many families find that the rising costs of goods has put a lot of stress on their budget and by couponing strategically they can reduce the stress that comes with worrying about how to manage their money. Below you will find the tips that you need to make the most of the money that you work hard for so that you have more for the things that you want.

One thing that can make the most of the coupons that you acquire is to match them with sales offered by your local grocery stores. This can be somewhat time consuming, but if you take the time to skim through the ads that come in the mail you can find some really awesome deals. This is especially true if you can find buy one get one free deals and then ad a coupon to it. This may mean visiting more than one store, but if you plan your trip ahead of time the extra labor will be worth the reward.

You also should find out which stores in your area offer double coupon days. Most stores that offer this have one or two days a week in which you can get double the value for your coupons. They often require a minimum purchase, usually in the twenty dollar range, but the value of the deal that you get doubling your coupons will make the purchase worth it.

This is especially true if you can match your coupons with deals that the store is offering that week. It is most common for people to purchase things that usually can not be obtained with coupons such as meat and vegetables to meet the minimum purchase amount. It is best to take the time to read over the store’s policy so that you know what their rules are before you reach the check out line.

If you find it difficult to match the deals there are a number of coupon sites on the internet that focus on helping people to get the most from their couponing experience. Many products go on sale on regular intervals and veteran couponers have come to learn these cycles. They can help you to learn the intervals as well as advise you as to what coupons you should be looking for each week.

Some find that the coupons that come in the weekly paper is not enough to reach their goals. If this is the case for you, there are people that accumulate coupons and then sell them for a small price so that you can stock up on the staples that your family makes the most use of.

Now that you have read the above information you know that there are best times to use coupons. Keep these tips in mind when clipping your coupons and looking through your weekly ads. It will help you to save a great deal more money than you could otherwise.

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Martin Luther King Day Sales

Martin Luther King Jr.
Sales are one of the best opportunities when it comes to shopping or buying things. Holidays are typically the days when sales are held. They’re very popular options for having sales because they are easy to advertise and by now people have come to expect that there will be sales on holidays. They’re more likely to expect and look for sales and buy something, and may even be waiting for the holiday to come so that they can take advantage of the reduced prices on goods and services. That’s why having holiday sales can be so important for businesses and they make a special effort to not only advertise their sales but make them good deals so customers will be more likely to buy.

Sales happen on nearly every holiday, from Labor Day to Memorial Day and even Martin Luther King Day. Martin Luther King Day Sales are a great opportunity to take advantage of all the reduced prices and shop around a little. It doesn’t matter whether you are window shopping or looking for something specific; the sales will be there! The sales can often be store wide, which means great savings on a huge range of goods. You’re more likely to find something that you need on these days for a great price, which is why Martin Luther King Day Sales are so attractive to many. They offer prices that just are not the normal retail price and are significantly lower than usual. It’s a great time to take advantage of these sales and save some money so you can put it towards other things.

You may want to pick out certain items that you need that are typically in a higher price range if you want to take full advantage of these deals. One good way to do this is to look around your home at the big ticket items that either need to be bought now or will likely be required in the future. This can be everything from a washing machine to a water heater. Even if you don’t need it at the moment, if you have older models you may likely need one very soon. That’s why it’s a good idea to scope out things around the house that typically cost quite a bit in order to see what is likely to break down. If you have appliances that are ten years old or older, research the life of these products and see how likely they are to last. That way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about what you need and what you don’t.

Martin Luther King Day celebrates the legacy of Martin Luther King and the strides he made for civil rights, but it’s also arguably one of the best days of the year to shop. If you’re looking for some tempting sales and you’re relatively close to January (or it already is early January), see if you can wait a while. When Martin Luther King Day comes around, you’ll be well poised to score some things you need or want at a great deal. Never pay full price when you can pay less! Take advantage of this holiday sale and see how much you can save!

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