Roku Streaming Stick – What Every Home Should Have

roku streaming stick

Roku has been making streaming devices for years and the latest streaming device from the brand looks like it was designed to respond to the Chromecast and to the Amazon Fire streaming stick. The Roku streaming stick is a small device that you plug in behind your TV. This is the most compact streaming device yet and could be a great option if you are looking for a reliable and convenient way to stream digital content on your TV.

The Roku streaming stick is compatible with over a thousand different apps. You can use the stick to stream content from Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Showtime, Amazon Prime, YouTube and many other services. The streaming stick costs just under $50 but you will need monthly subscriptions to the services you want to stream content for. The Roku streaming stick is an excellent value since it is compatible with a huge number of streaming apps.

The Roku streaming stick is a better alternative to the Chromecast because it does not require you to stream content from a Smartphone or from a laptop. The streaming stick also comes with its own remote so that you can easily search for shows and navigate the menu of the streaming device without having to use your phone as a remote, which is not convenient if you do not always have your Smartphone with you or need to use your Smartphone for other things while you watch TV.

The Roku streaming stick is packed with features that make watching TV a great experience. The streaming stick includes a comprehensive interface that will be displayed on your TV so you can search for movies and shows to watch or easily access your favorite apps. You can easily personalize the menu to display the apps you use the most. The streaming device also has a feature that allows you to search for content across all your apps, which is very convenient when you want to watch a specific movie or show but aren’t sure which app offers this content.  Visit our page for Roku coupons here

There are a few negative points you should know about if you are considering getting the Roku streaming stick. The navigation is sometimes slow and some apps take a long time to load. Even though the streaming stick needs to be discreetly plugged in behind your TV, you still need to plug in a power supply for the stick, which can create some clutter behind your TV.

In the end, the Roku streaming stick is an excellent choice if you want a streaming device that gives you access to a huge selection of apps and that is easy to set up. The downside is that the streaming stick can be slow compared to other devices but this will only affect your experience when the stick boots up, when you navigate the menu or when you launch an app. Some users were also disappoint to find that the streaming stick does not come with a headphone jack like the previous devices from Roku.

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Tips To Free Up Space On iPhone


If you own an iPhone, the chances are you have downloaded many apps, games and so forth. You probably don’t have a lot of space on your device and now you want to free some up. Here are some tips on how to free space on an iPhone.

1. Get Rid Of Unwanted Apps- The chances are you have many apps on your phone and you probably don’t use a good portion of them. Figure out which apps you rarely use or ever use, and get rid of them. You might be surprised at how many apps you don’t actually use and how much space they are hogging app. Take the time to go through your phone’s settings and screens and look at the apps you have downloaded and get rid of the ones you don’t use, as well as the ones you don’t even remember downloading in the first place.

2. Delete Songs- Have you downloaded a lot of songs to your iPhone? You probably have and you probably don’t listen to many of the older songs you have downloaded, so go through the songs on your phone and get rid of the ones you don’t want anymore. If you want to free a lot of space, then delete all of your songs or delete at least half of the songs you have downloaded. However, it’s a good idea to create a backup of the songs you’re going to delete, just in case you decide to download them again to your phone.

3. Delete Videos- Downloading videos can take up a lot of space and people often download videos, watch them once or twice and then forget about them. By not deleting videos, you are only hogging up space that you could use. Every now and then, view the videos you have downloaded and if you haven’t watched them in a longtime, then delete them. Not only should you delete videos, but get rid of any photos you don’t want because photos can take up quite a bit of space too.

4. Delete Voicemail Messages- Many people have a habit of saving every single one of their voicemail messages but this actually takes up space. Instead of saving your voicemail messages, you should just delete them, if they are not that important. You can delete messages on an individual basis, but if you want to free up as much space as possible, then get rid of every single message you have, and do the same thing with text messages and so forth. The chances are you probably have many messages you can do without, so take the time to get rid of as many of them as you can.

As you can see, deleting photos, videos and messages can free up space on an  iPhone. So can deleting apps and songs that you don’t use anymore. All you have to do now is implement the above advice and before you know it, your iPhone will have more space available.

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Is The Future Of Self Driving Cars At Hand?


If you hate driving behind the wheel, you’d be glad to know that self driving are no longer the stuff of the distant future. The future of self driving cars is being made  The likes of  BMW, Mercedes,and Tesla have previously launched, or are soon to produce, self-driving features that provide cars some self-driving abilities.

But it’s not just the car manufacturing giants that are on this path. Tech giants like Google are also attempting to pioneer the self-driving vehicle. Lately, Google announce that it might be testing its prototype of the driver less vehicle on streets this summer time in California.

For all intents and purposes, it’s entirely possible for us to see self-driving vehicle on the road within the next 5 years. Of course, how this impacts the economy and the future of driving in general is something that leave to the expert analysts.

However, there is one report that indicates the future of self driving cars is here today. According to one report we read, self-driving cars aren’t some advanced auto technology. You will find cars with self-driving features on the highway today.  We define the self-driving vehicle as a vehicle with features that let it accelerates, brakes, and steers a course with limited or no interaction with the driver at all.

The self-driving car be divided into two different types: the semi-autonomous and the fully autonomous. A totally autonomous car can drive to your destination and tackle all on-road situations without the need for interaction with the driver. This type of car will debut  in 2019.
You can expect to see nearly ten million fully autonomous cars in the very new future.

Fully autonomous cars are further split into user-operated and driver less automobiles. Due to regulating and insurance questions, user-operated fully autonomous cars might come within the following 5 years, while driver-less cars will arrive further down the road.

The greatest advantages of self-driving cars are that they’ll help make streets safer. Within the United Kingdom, it is estimated that the total number of deaths by self-driving cars will be no more than 2,500 within sixteen years.


However the obstacles to self-driving cars remain significant. The cost of owning this car must be lowered and rules need to be defined prior to selling them to mainstream customers.

However, there’s every indication that people are ready for this technology. Research shows that young individuals are less inclined to drive their own cars.

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