Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts For 2016


This year I am thinking of giving my father a fantastic gift for Father’s Day. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful man in my life that has contributed to the person I am today. I strongly believe in this quote “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection” by Sigmund Freud. My father was able to provide protection, love and support in my childhood years and is still my source of inspiration. Below are 10 top gifts that I found for Father’s Day:

1.Filson Mackinaw Field Watch


The company Filson’s has been in operation since the year 1897 and they partnered with the experts when they decided to design their range of watches. Shinola assisted Filson’s in designing beautiful watches that are a fantastic idea for a lasting gift.

2.Tom Ford Noir Extreme Cologne


I chose this gift idea because my dad remembers Tom Ford and he always loves to smell great. This cologne offers a masculine yet elegant scent along with notes of coriander, leather, amber, black plum and wood. The Noir Extreme cologne retails for $140.

3.Nikon 1 V3 Digital Camera


My dad loves his photography and now that he has retired he has more time to really enjoy this hobby. Another fantastic gift idea is this this fast yet small Nikon camera that is able to shoot images of great quality that tops the larger dSLR’s. Some of the features of the Nikon 1 Series include:

•The camera has sufficient megapixels to ensure no detail is missed

•Shots can go up to a speedy 20 frames in a second

•171 autofocus points, which ensures clear pictures every time

4.The Art Of Shaving Sandalwood After-Shave Balm


My dad like so many men today is conscientious about taking care of his skin. I chose this after-shave balm because Sandalwood is an extremely masculine scent and is a common ingredient in various shaving products. This balm is wearable, light and packed full of an appealing sandalwood scent and can be used for day or night use.

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5.Patagonia Simple Fly Fishing Kit

 fish kit

Retailing from $279.85 by Patagonia I loved this gift idea for my dad because Fly fishing is truly a timeless sport for gentlemen. This gift has made it extremely easy using an ancient Japanese version to the sport. The kit includes a fly, line and rod which all that is needed for dad’s to get away and relax for the day.

6.Acqua di Parma Fusion Razor And Stand

shave kit

Another great gift idea for my dad would have to be a new razor. I loved this gift for its strong traditionalism with the brass stand and wooden handle on the razor. This incredibly timeless gift can be found on and costs $440.

7.Ball And Buck Hoof Pick Belt


Made by Ball and Buck, I chose this brown leather belt for my dad for its traditional yet unusual style. Made right here in the U.S, the belt is a fantastic idea for Father’s Day and men can never have enough belts.

8.Bois D’Aubrac Handmade Pocket Knife

 pockt kknife

I am still not sure why men love their pocket knives, but my father definitely does. This handmade pocket knife is French-made and features a Laguiole en Aubrac folding blade. I am sure my dad would love this gift to add to his pocket knife collection.

9.Suitsupply Race Case


My dad will be traveling soon and I think this Race Case made by Suitsupply is a great idea to replace his existing carry on travel bag. This stylish bag is super strong and features, calf leather, brass zippers and a suspension system which is extremely flexible and makes steering the bag simple.

10. Archt One Wireless Speaker


My father spends a lot of time in his study and loves to listen to his style of music, this Archt One speakers offers the audio potential of multiple speakers all in one nifty device. The great design ensures it will fit into any setting perfectly.

I can’t wait to spoil my dad this year with this fantastic list of Father’s day gifts that I am sure he will really appreciate.

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