Best Christmas Gifts to Buy Fitness Fanatics

fitness photoIf you know a fitness fanatic and wonder what to buy him or her as a Christmas present, look no further. There are various health gadgets and training aids any devoted health-conscious friend or family member will appreciate receiving.


It stands to reason that people who train want to eat healthily as well as work out. There would be no point to their pumping iron if they sat on the couch eating fast food at other times. Bosch Mix Blenders are useful for making fruit or vegetable smoothies, part of the staple diet of many keep-fit enthusiasts. They are also handy for making healthy soups and dips.

Thirsty Yoga Towel

People who train hard enough to perspire need something soft and absorbent with which to mop their brows. Thirsty yoga towels are designed to soak up sweat easily and dry faster than normal towels. Get discounts at for thristy yoga towels.

Sport Duffle Bag

Ordinary duffle bags are not as suitable as those designed with water-resistant bottoms and compartments to be used for separating wet gym kits from dry items. Not many people who train and work out would want to be without one.

Wireless Activity/Sleep Tracker

Fitness fanatics can benefit from owning a wireless activity and sleep tracker. This handy gadget acts like a friendly monitor by measuring everything from calories burned to steps taken. Additionally, it tracks sleep, which is useful for people who want to sleep better as part of their health regimen.

kettlebells photo
Photo by .v1ctor Casale.

Free Weights

Kettlebells and dumbbells help stabilize muscles and aid balance and coordination. At the same time, they are transportable and can be used to execute an extensive variety of exercises. Their low cost makes them useful presents if you have a tight budget. Get 10% Off orders at Total Gym Direct




These versatile bags filled with sand can be used almost anywhere and placed safely on any surface. They have easy grips to aid lifting and their contents are securely contained within dual inner bags.

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are useful for massaging areas of the body after training, to avoid aches and pains. As an aid for recovery, they are a valuable part of a wind-down routine after exercising.

Blenders, thirsty towels, duffle bags, trackers, free weights, powerbags and foam rollers are worthwhile tools that make great gifts for anyone who trains and wants to keep fit. Giving such useful presents can meet the needs of the fitness fanatic in your life and suit your budget

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