Guys, Need Gift Ideas for Women in Your Life? Find Them on Pinterest!

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The special day–birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day–is on the horizon. You are on the verge of panic mode at the thought of trying to find the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, mom, or other female relative. This article tells you how to find a site online that tells you exactly what they want, without having to ask them directly!

The secret is Pinterest ( Your first response may be “What’s Pinterest?” Pinterest is a social media site that is very popular with women. While browsing the web, you can bookmark something you like by “pinning” it to your Pinterest page. It is like an online version of tearing a page out of a magazine, and hanging it on an “inspiration” bulletin board with thumbtacks.

Pinterest lets “pinners” organize their pins into different boards by topic. Members can store their own pins in categories, and can browse and follow other users’ boards, repinning or liking their images.

Since it started, Pinterest has caught on with some male users, but the majority of users are women. Popular uses include pinning food and craft inspirations, desired clothing, shoes, purses and accessories, and travel destinations. Chances are excellent that your wife, girlfriend or other female gift recipient is on Pinterest, and if you find their page they can tell you exactly what they would love as a Christmas or birthday or anniversary gift.


Here is a step-by-step guide to tracking down someone’s Pinterest page:


  1. Go to Pinterest (www.
  1. Join Pinterest as a new member.

Unfortunately, Pinterest requires you to join up before you can search for other members. You have two options: joining through Facebook or joining through setting up a login just for Pinterest.

Clicking the Facebook button is faster, but if you are trying to really surprise your gift recipient, don’t use it. When someone joins Pinterest, Pinterest notifies your Facebook friends that you have joined and they might want to “friend” you. So join via Pinterest login instead.

If you are trying to be super-stealthy, set up a separate address from one that might be part of your other social media information, so that Pinterest can’t helpfully notify the person you are want to surprise. Also, once you have started looking at shoes and lingerie and jewelry, Pinterest will start sending you emails every week about other shoes, lingerie and jewelry you might like, and who wants that popping up in your work email?


  1. Go to the search bar in the top left corner and type in your target’s name.

When you hit the Enter button, you will get an additional choice of searching “Pins”, “Boards” and “Pinners.” Click on “Pinners” and everyone with that person’s name will come up.

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  1. Figure out which Pinner is your gift recipient.

If she included a picture of herself, it will be easy. Otherwise you might have to do some searching through the people with the same name. Look for pinned items that seem to be her style, or clues in boards like “Places I’ve Lived” or “Where I’ve Traveled”. Or click on a board that might be hers, click on Followers and Following buttons in the upper right corner of the Pinterest navigation bars, and look for names you recognize.

  1. Browse her boards.

Sometimes it will be easy–since you can write a caption when you pin something, look for captions that say things like “I want this!” or “Must go here” and such. When you find a pin that looks like a good possibility, click on it and a larger version will open. Then click the picture to go to the website. If you are lucky, it will go to the website selling the item and you can go for there. Otherwise you may have to do a little more searching online. If you have to, you can print off a photo of something she likes, and use it as inspiration when you hit the stores. Or, if she is pinning a lot of items from the same shopping site, she should be thrilled to get a gift certificate for that site.

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  1. Found her board but can’t decide on anything? Try this…

If you went the super-stealth route, go ahead and login through Facebook instead, letting it notify her that you have joined Pinterest. Or let her “catch” you browsing the site, or even her page. If she asks why you are on Pinterest, look mysterious. She’ll figure it out, and, hopefully, start pinning strategically, knowing that you are watching her boards. And hey, now that she knows you are on Pinterest, you can always pin a few gift ideas for yourself, too!

One last thing–if you are shopping for a girlfriend, don’t freak out if you see boards about weddings. Lots of women like to daydream about weddings whether or not a prospective groom is in the picture. Just tiptoe past those, and get shopping for the perfect gift!

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Gift Ideas for Moms Who Already Have Everything!

gift for mom

We all know a mom that seems to have everything already, or does she? Gifts are somehow meant to be intimate and in this day and age, one must strive to go the extra mile in order to purchase a gift that really means something. Instead of heading over to the electronics aisle and grabbing the latest gadget, why not purchase something that has some meaning? After all, moms are truly angels in disguise, so they really deserve us to go the extra mile!


6 Gifts Every Mom Would Love To Have


  1. Handcrafted Ring Holder

Ring holders come in all shapes and sizes, but if you want something truly unique, opt for something handcrafted. When mom has to take off her rings to wash the dishes or wipe the floors, ring holders can ensure that her wedding rings are safe and sound. Depending on your budget, you can choose intricately crafted ring holders from sterling silver or perhaps something a bit more organic, such as a ring holder made from wood.


  1. Personalized Name Necklace

One of the most beautiful gifts that moms like to receive is personalized charm necklaces with the name of all of their children. Since you will want these necklaces to last a lifetime, make sure to purchase them made from sterling silver. There are many websites that hand stamp little discs with names for a nominal fee.


  1. Professionally Framed Family Picture

Printed photographs are starting to become a rarity when everything in our world is seemingly digital. Remind mom that you still care and have one of her favorite family photographs professionally framed. It’s a gift that’s timeless and comes straight from the heart.


  1. All-Natural Cosmetics

Cosmetics are the perfect gift for any woman, but especially for one, that’s hardworking and has little time to dedicate to herself. All-natural cosmetics can be found in all forms, shapes, and sizes online, and you can rest assured that they make the best gifts! Organic shampoos, handmade lotions, or natural soaps are great to make a gift basket with to show mom how much she means to you.


  1. Customized Huggable Mugs

If mom enjoys drinking coffee or tea on a regular basis, a customized huggable mug is the perfect gift! Large mugs are popular gift options because they’re easy to cozy up with. Just make sure that you’re able to customize the mug with loving text or a photograph of the family.


  1. Handmade Birdhouse

Moms with a green thumb are undoubtedly going to appreciate handmade birdhouses. They can be found in all shapes and sizes, and best of all, you can purchase birdhouses manufactured from a wide array of materials such as wood, felt, gourds or metal.

The search for the perfect gift is never easy! When looking online for the right gift, make sure to take into consideration your mom’s personal likes and dislikes. The above ideas are by no means set in stone and you can even put your own spin on them by creating a themed gift basket.

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