Car Insurance Quotes: An Under-utilized Money Saver

Do you know that according to 21st Century Insurance, a popular site that connects providers with insurance agents, only 16 percent of Americans have inquired about getting even the most common auto insurance discounts from their insurance providers? Such discounts–from low mileage, a training course in defensive driving, marriage, type of occupation, etc.–are widely known and only involve basic self-reporting in the part of the consumer. Yet, relatively few people are taking advantage of them.

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Given this either lack of awareness or willingness to find ways to cut back on auto insurance premiums, it is understandable that an average American driver has had the same car insurance carrier for 12 years. Moreover, it was discovered that around one in four people had the same auto insurance provider for over 16 years and that 36 percent of drivers never even took the time to leverage freely available auto insurance quotes to check for possible low rates online. Loyalty to an insurance provider does not always pay off. One reason for this is the fact that car manufacturers release newer and safer vehicle models almost every year, thus changing the driving statistics that dictates insurance rates. An analyst from 21st Centruy Insurance said that if a person has had the same auto insurance policy since the 1990s, then it is highly likely that person is not getting the best car insurance deal.

If you are one of the many people who may have regularly spent time online without bothering to check insurance quotes for applicable discounted premiums, then you have missed out on ways to trim the cost of your car insurance. A quick check on insurance quotes can readily reveal how much discount you can get. For example, accountants, nurses, and teachers are qualified for discounted premiums, because statistics shows that these professionals are generally safer drivers. The same is true for married people. Also, adding a teenage driver to your car insurance policy would, in average, increase your premium by 80 percent–with sixteen-year-old drivers causing the highest increase of up to 96 percent. For many households, this may mean a thorough and expansive search for ways to save money.

The most straightforward and cheapest way to start looking for cost-effective car insurance rates in your area is a website that offers auto insurance quotes. Consider checking online car insurance quotes today, and begin saving money.

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