5 Tips on Motivating Kids With Rewards

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Whether it is a temper tantrum or forgetting to do their homework, kids know how to test the limits. Rewards and punishment are often used to keep kids motivated to control themselves and make good decisions. Research has shown that punishment may motivate some children to behave, but it can have the opposite effect on others. Rewards, on the other hand, get much better results. Here are 5 tips that can help parents use rewards to motivate their kids.

Give money and treats sparingly.

It’s not that parents should never use treats or money as a reward, but it should not be often. Kids don’t have a very good concept of money, so it isn’t very effective as a reward. Treats aren’t very motivating for most kids because parents or other adults will allow treats whether they behave or not. If the reward isn’t special, it loses its effectiveness.

Give them something special.

The trick is to give the something that is meaningful to them that they would not be given anyway. Stickers are a great alternative to snacks or money. It can be pictures of their favorite cartoon character, stars, or happy faces as long as it is special to the child. When they have a place to display their stickers, such as a poster board hanging on their wall, they can see their collection and may be even more motivated.


Give them time.

Instead of sending them to bed early as a punishment, give them some extra time before bed for good behavior. Let them know if they behave, they can go to bed 30 minutes later than usual. Another example of using time as a reward is to let them have some computer time. Most kids love playing on a computer. Download some age appropriate games or visit a game site for kids. You get bonus parent points if they are educational. Extra time on the playground or at a friend’s house can be used as well.

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Switch it up.

It’s important to use a variety of rewards with kids. Don’t use the same reward every time or they may feel entitled to it. For example, don’t have them going to bed thirty minutes later every night or it will lose its effectiveness. It should never feel like a punishment when they don’t get rewarded. Instead, come up with new rewards to keep them interested and motivated.

Stay calm and loving.

The goal of using creative discipline is for parents to eliminate negative interactions with their children. When a reward is earned, never take it away. That is considered punishment. Instead, remind them that they got their reward because of good behavior. If they want to earn more rewards, they have to make good decisions. Often kids’ anxieties or pride can get in the way of learning a lesson when they feel their parents are angry at them. Let the rewards system work on its own without yelling or scolding.

Rewards empower children to make their own decision to behave. This makes them more likely to continue the good behavior even when no rewards are given. Parents who use rewards are teaching kids how to choose to make good decisions. This lesson will be important for the rest of their lives.

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Read This Mermaid Swim Tails Review Before You Buy Anything

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My Mermaid Swim Tails Experience as a Mom

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably had wishes to become a princess, own a unicorn, or even become a mermaid when you were a kid.   I’ve  had the opportunity to explore my wishes as a kid while writing this article, and being a mermaid stuck out the most. Being a mermaid seemed to have so many benefits like, being able to live in the sea, live on land, explore the beaches, and be one of the most sought-after creatures on Earth. I really like the part about being sought-after, LOL. But since I never became the mermaid I once dreamed to be, I now have a chance to let my daughter be one by buying her a mermaid swim tail suit.   I never knew there was such a thing, but when I saw it online, I immediately relived my childhood moments in wishing to become the most “exotic creature on earth”. I placed my order through Mermaidswimtails.com and within a few days it was here on my doorstep. What a joy to be able to re-live this moment. I immediately called my daughter in the room so she could see this new mermaid swim tail suit. After reading other online reviews about the swim tail suit, my daughter now have a swimsuit that will allow her to swim  and have fun with other kids.


 Here are a few statements that I discovered while reading some online reviews about the mermaid swim tail suit.

“My daughter…had issues in the water, for instance she always held her nose …But fin fun just changed everything. She knew! She loved her tail and took to the water like a mermaid in it from day 1…She is now an excellent swimmer! THANK YOU!!!!

“it propelled her to be more active … and really helped her with core muscle development. I would definitely buy this again!”

“When she first got into the pool with it, I was so nervous. I insisted that she wear a life vest…After a few laps, we let her take off the life vest…She said that it is actually easier for her to swim with the tail than without it.”


My Daughter Just Loves her Mermaid Swim Tails!

When my daughter tried on the suit,  she said “mom this suit feels really great!”   I got back online to search for more styles of the mermaid swimsuit, and I came across coupontopay that have coupons to save more on mermaid swimsuits. Since I’m able to save money here on coupon to pay, then I decided to buy two more seats so that my daughter friends can enjoy the same mermaid swimsuits.   I emailed coupontopay.com  to thank them for having mermaid swimsuit coupons available. Here is a video that I found my coupon to pay that shows there coupons on YouTube.

We are very excited and happy about our new mermaid swimsuits. We are not prepared for spring break this spring if you are reading this review then you should now see how excited we are and how we save money on purchasing mermaid swimsuits with coupons by coupontopay using their mermaid swimsuit coupons.

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Review on Baker Ross for Crafts, Education and Fun

Review Baker Ross

Baker Ross is the UK’s leading crafts and toys supplier. They aim to give consumers the best possible shopping experience whether they do it in store or online. Their prices are among the lowest around for all kinds of craft supplies whether they are needed for school projects, parties, fundraisers or creative expression.

The company does offer a huge range of products from pens, pencils, modeling clay, paper and much more. They have sewing kits, woodworking kits and a full line of toys. The products are suited to both children and adults.

They claim that all products that they sell come with a full money-back guarantee. Shoppers also get a 100 percent price match guarantee,  so if a product is found at any other retailer for a lower price, they will match the price. Customers need to let Baker Ross know where they have found the product and the price will be matched less any delivery charges.

The money back guarantee allows you to return an item within 28 days of receiving it and get a full refund of the price paid. You can also get an exchange if you prefer. However, there are rules that consumers have to be careful to follow in order to get the refund or exchange.

Watch this video on how to make fridge magnets from air dry clay!

Baker Ross does state, in writing, that they will refund money if they do not sell customers the item they want when they want it. They also state that they will help customers buy safe items in good quality by offering up their Star Ratings online.

Customers are encouraged to read the product’s Star Ratings before making an online purchase. As to toys and craft items for children’s use, they make sure that all products carry the CE mark which means that the item meets the European Community Safety Laws. If you purchase something for a child under the age of 3, it is up to you as a consumer to understand that you are taking a risk when doing so.

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