Batman v Superman Review

It’s the fight everyone has been waiting for, the powerful Superman against the skillful Batman. For more than two years fans have been playing out the scenario in their heads and now the confrontation has finally arrived. Who won the fight and is it worth watching? For everyone who haven’t watched the movie yet, this Batman v Superman review should help to make a decision.


A good movie starts with a good director, and Warner Bros decided Zack Snyder was the man for the job. He was in charge of the Superman reboot, Man of Steel, and he has quite a few blockbusters under his belt. Facing a lot of pressure to perform, Snyder took on a very big challenge.


When the movie opened up at the theaters there were two distinct opinions from critics and fans. For critics the movie was pretty much a nightmare. Just like Joss Whedon struggled to establish character development with the Avenger films, so did Snyder according to critics.


In fact, they thoroughly bashed the movie for being all over the place while implementing way too much effect driven action scenes. This might come as somewhat of a let-down to fans, because the hype around the film was quite intense. For the most part Tim Burton’s version with Michael Keaton in the lead remains the film to beat apparently. On the other side of the spectrum the majority of fans seem to love the film.


The plot of the film sees Superman being hailed as a god by the people of Metropolis, and the rest of the world for that matter. A big statue of him is erected and he enjoys a reputation for being a savior.


Unfortunately Batman isn’t convinced that Superman’s intentions are as innocent as they seem. Following the destruction of his fellow aliens in the Man of Steel film, Batman takes it upon himself to rid the world from Superman. This confrontation plays well into the hands of Lex Luthor. Nevertheless, a more matured Bruce Wayne comes out of retirement and faces off with red-caped crusader.


When it was announced that Ben Affleck was going to take on the role of Bruce Wayne there was an onslaught of comments from fans. Some of them were looking forward to it, while others still tied him to the downfall of Daredevil. Luckily, Affleck has found his niche character in Batman, because his portrayal is considered as one of the highlights. Along with Gal Gaddot, it’s easy to see why the focus moved away from Superman and onto Batman.


Not everyone is going to like the film, or the dark version of Batman, and it has a few instances where things don’t always add up. But visually it’s an amazing experience. The chemistry between the characters is good and the action simply magnificent.


For some it’s either going to be the best movie of the year or the worst, and this is what make freedom of opinion so wonderful. One thing is sure though, it was a blockbuster hit.

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