Why You Should Use Apps To Shop Online

A majority of Internet users are shopping online but a new trend is appearing. Smartphone users can now use apps to order products online. Not everyone has made the switch yet since people are used to shopping on their laptop, but you should consider using an app the next time you need to order something online.

Apps are an ideal way to shop online for safety reasons, as long as you choose an app from a trusted retailer. Shopping online on a computer or on a Smartphone without using an app means that you have to use a web browser to complete your order. Web browsers are vulnerable to a number of safety issues that do not affect apps.
All the main online shopping sites now have their own apps and more online stores are offering apps now that the trend is catching. You can easily download CouponToPay apps by visiting iTunes, and the Google AppStore.  You can also try visiting the official website of the online seller you want to use.

Apps make it easy to browse for products and to complete your order. There might actually be fewer steps to place an order compared to buying a product via a browser. You can then use the app to check the status of your order and see when you will receive your product instead of having to wait for email updates or having to go to the website of the online seller to log in to your account.

Using apps to shop is a great way to save money. Some sellers are giving you a discount for using their apps, but there are apps that are specifically designed to help you save money when shopping. You can for instance download some apps that will automatically look for coupon codes when you shop online. You can also find apps that allow you to save products for later and that will notify you when the price drops.
Whether you decide to order a product from the official app of an online seller or decide to use apps to shop around, compare prices and find coupons, using apps is a convenient way to shop online. You can shop while you are on the go or use an app to order a product you had already seen while browsing on your computer. Using apps to shop online is a safe option since apps are not affected by the same safety vulnerabilities as web browsers.

You should download the official apps of the stores and websites where you usually shop. You should also look for shopping apps that can help you save money by finding coupon codes or by helping you compare prices across different online stores. Shopping with apps is very easy and you will find that this is a more pleasant and convenient way to order products online compared to shopping on a web browser. The best part is that you can shop anywhere since you only need a Smartphone!

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What Are Walmart Rollback Prices & How Can They Help You?


Walmart is always trying to provide the lowest prices. They don’t always win the price wars, but they do much of the time, that’s for sure. They likely have monopolized the market in many ways, but who is complaining when everything is so expensive these days? Walmart’s low prices can be found everywhere throughout the stores and online, but the lowest prices are going to usually be on products whose prices have been rolled back. That means that Walmart is providing a big discount on those products.

As a former employee of Walmart, I can tell you that the department managers are constantly working on rollbacks. Rollbacks are often featured on end caps and have different pricing labels so that they are noticed by consumers. Rollback prices can be for popular products, clearance products and more.

Don’t confuse rollback prices with clearance prices, however, as Walmart handles clearance sales a little differently.

What’s classified as a rollback price or a clearance price is sometimes merely a matter of classification though. I worked in three different departments, which were electronics, hardware and the garden center. Out of those three, it was the garden center that was always rolling back prices the most often. Why? I would guess that it had to do with the seasonal inventory.

It’s not just the department managers that have to deal with the rollbacks. They are just in charge of their respective departments. Associates that work in each department also have to help get everything organized and handle the pricing changes. Displays, end caps, shelves and pricing labels must be set up accordingly.

Rollback prices will be featured by Walmart in different ways. Before people commonly shopped online, you could find them in fliers, enticing customers to check out those particular products. Sometimes rollback prices can be offered on products that might not be in season at the time, but hey, that’s smart shopping.

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I remember when I used to work in the garden center, discounts were available on all of the Christmas decorations after the end of the season. People are usually so ready to quit looking at Christmas stuff that many of them won’t buy at a discount when the season is over. However, there are still plenty of people that do. When you’re in Walmart, do you check the rollback prices?

Another thing you need to know about these special discounts is that some of them are bigger than others. You might find a rollback price that isn’t much lower than what the product cost in the first place. Or, you might find a rollback price on a product that still costs more than the competition. I would, however, say that it is rare for that to happen. Walmart’s original prices are often lower than the competition, much less their rollback prices.

Make sure you still look at the type of discount you’re going to get. As with any type of discount or sale, don’t buy just to buy. You want to buy because you need that product. Walmart is rolling back prices on tons of products each and every day. You just need to look for those prices according to your shopping list. If you do see something that isn’t on your shopping list, it’s fine to buy if you really need that particular product.

Just be careful because you don’t want Walmart’s scheme of sales every day via rollback prices to actually cause you to spend even more money. You’ll see these prices over and over again on different products now that you know what they are. Get ready to see what discounts you can get on your favorite products.

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Still Not Using Apple Pay? This Review May Change Your Mind

A Review Of Apple Pay

Have you heard about Apple Pay? This revolutionary app is changing the way you can make purchases. There are other similar apps available on Android devices but Apple Pay is the official virtual wallet solution for Apple device owners.

apple pay
Apple Pay is a digital wallet that stores your credit card numbers. This information is safe since the card numbers are encrypted and are not displayed if you access the app. You can easily add or remove payment methods via the Apple Pay app and your information will be instantly updated.
Making a purchase with Apple Pay is very easy. However, only the stores that have an NFC point of sale can access this method of payment. An increasing number of stores are upgrading their equipment to accept this type of digital transactions and you can already use Apple Pay at many locations of large chains such as McDonald’s or Home Depot just to name a few.

Your iPhone or iPad will automatically connect to the NFC point of sale when it is time to pay. Your phone or tablet will prompt you for your Apple ID and you will have to verify the purchase by pressing your thumb on the device with the Touch ID feature. Fingerprints are a lot safer than credit cards, which makes Apple Pay a safer alternative to other payment methods.

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The transaction is processed right away and you should see a confirmation on your phone. Apple Pay makes it very easy to track all the transactions you make so you can keep track of your budget or easily access your receipts in a digital format.
Apple Pay is packed with helpful features. You can for instance use your device’s camera to take a picture of your credit or debit card to upload new payment information instead of having to manually enter the numbers. You can even enter gift cards in the app! The digital wallet will display the different payment methods you have uploaded so you can easily choose on which card you want to charge each purchase.
Using Apply Pay is a great alternative to credit and debit cards because the store’s point of sale only access your Apple ID information. This means your credit card number is never seen or stored by the store. If you have been paying attention to the news, you have probably noticed that stores are having a hard time with protecting payment information against hackers. Using Apple Pay or another digital wallet solution means stores never have your card numbers, which makes you a lot less likely to become a victim of hackers.
You should give Apple Pay a try if you have an iPhone or an iPad. Digital wallets are safer than swiping your credit card because the only information the store has access to is your Apple ID. This payment method is very easy to use and the only downside is that not all stores have points of sale that give you the possibility to use this payment method.

Visit Apple Website for More Info on Apple Pay

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