4 Things You Might Not Know About Your Cat

Cats are amazing creatures — at least that’s what those who have them as pets think. Still, there are many things even the proverbial cat lady herself may not know about them. Learning as much as you can about your pet will help you better able to tend to her needs. After all, domestic cats are highly dependent upon their human caregivers to meet their most basic needs. See if you already know these things about your favorite felines.


They Can Detect Earthquakes

 It is not a proven fact, but many believe that cats can detect earthquakes through the pads on their feet. It is, however, true that the pads of their feet are highly sensitive. Cats have also been known to exhibit rather strange behavior prior to the onset of an earthquake. Some odd behaviors may include, but are not limited to: pacing, hiding under furniture, increased meowing, and staying closer than to you than normal. This behavior might also be an indication of other danger, such as a distant storm.

 Cats Dream Too

 There is a reason people take “cat naps.” Cats do prefer to laze around napping. However, they also need deep sleep, much like humans do. Did you know they also dream? Once they finally relax enough to go into deeper sleep modes, cats begin dreaming, and their brainwave patterns have found to be much similar to those of humans.

 A Nose Bump Is a Handshake or a Hug

 As a handshake is a standard greeting between humans, cats bump noses with one another to exchange information about their status. However, unlike a handshake, this ritual is uncommon among cats because only cats that are familiar with one another will feel comfortable enough to let themselves be so vulnerable. For that reason, it may be best to think of it more as a hug.

 Chocolate Is Poisonous

 It is often said that chocolate can kill dogs, but it also is dangerous to cats. So are a number of other things, such as certain houseplants. Poinsettia leaves, for instance, are poisonous to cats. Be sure to check with a vet about the types of foods your cat can eat, as well as what plants might harm your friend.

 These little-known facts can help you better understand your cat and perhaps form a stronger relationship with her. You also will be better equipped to keep her safe from harm. She might even return the favor one day.

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Dog Names: 108 Best Names To Choose From

Dog Names: 108 Best Names To Choose From

As a dog owner and a dog lover, it means that you consider your dog as part of your family or even your friend. It is, therefore, your duty to make sure that you choose the best name for your new puppy or dog. Choosing dog names should neither be swift nor simple, you should take your time and make sure that you choose the right name. Selecting the right name for your dog can be an overwhelming as well as a thrilling process, it is, therefore, imperative that you choose the right name since the name that you choose will speak volumes about you as the owner.


The name that you give your dog should be entirely from your imagination. However, this does not mean you should go overboard. Naming your dog is an art, and it is up to your to master it. Dog names can be very tricky, but the right way to go about it is to be smart. For starters, never choose a complicated name for your dog. Difficult names always confuse the dog. He or she will never understand the difference between a name and a command. Choose a simple name that has one or two syllable if possible.

Here I have listed 108 Best Names for a Dog:


Male                                                                                 Female

1. Bailey 1. Bella
2. Max 2. Lucy
3. Charlie 3. Molly
4. Buddy 4. Daisy
5. Rocky 5. Maggie
6. Jake 6. Sophie
7. Jack 7. Sadie
8. Toby 8. Chloe
9. Cody 9. Bailey
10. Buster 10. Lola
11. Duke 11. Zoe
12. Cooper 12. Abby
13. Riley 13. Ginger
14. Harley 14. Roxy
15. Bear 15. Gracie
16. Tucker 16. Coco
17. Murphy 17. Sasha
18. Lucky 18. Lily
19. Oliver 19. Angel
20. Sam 20. Princess
21. Oscar 21. Emma
22. Teddy 22. Annie
23. Winston 23. Rosie
24. Sammy 24. Ruby
25. Rusty 25. Lady
26. Shadow 26. Missy
27. Gizmo 27. Lilly
28. Bentley 28. Mia
29. Zeus 29. Katie
30. Jackson 30. Zoey
31. Baxter 31. Madison
32. Bandit 32. Stella
33. Gus 33. Penny
34. Samson 34. Belle
35. Milo 35. Casey
36. Rudy 36. Samantha
37. Louie 37. Holly
38. Hunter 38. Lexi
39. Casey 39. Lulu
40. Rocco 40. Brandy
41. Sparky 41. Jasmine
42. Joey 42. Shelby
43. Bruno 43. Sandy
44. Beau 44. Roxie
45. Dakota 45. Pepper
46. Maximus 46. Heidi
47. Romeo 47. Luna
48. Boomer 48. Dixie
49. Luke 49. Honey
50. Henry 50. Queen
51. Duke 51. LuLu
52. Brownie 52. Quennie
53. Spike 53. GiiGii
54. Boston 54. Brandie

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Many people seem to drift in the direction of using the Internet to find the right name for their dogs. Various websites can be of great help when it comes to choosing a dog’s name. However, the websites are only there to guide you through the tough process but not to make the decision for you. Note that the Internet acts as a guideline, avoid using familiar names and remember that your choice should be a combination of your creativity and what you like.

Dog names word cloud coupontopay.jpg

Dogs are extremely loyal animals. Which means that, their names reflect the kind of person their owner is. You might find it funny to give your dog an offensive name, but this is not the case. Dog names should be fun, but not offensive or embarrassing. Your dog should grow with dignity, be respectful and pick a name that your children, your neighbor and your vet will not have trouble using. The perfect name for your dog is one that everyone can hear and understand without any discomfort.

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When picking a name for your dog, you should consider the dog’s breed, appearance and personality. You can also choose a name that entirely contradicts the appearance or personality of your dog. But never name your dog using a human name especially when the name belongs to one of your family members, friends or coworkers. If you have to, ask for their permission to avoid confusion and disrespect.

Regardless of the name you pick, if your dog does not respond to that name, the name is irrelevant. Select a name that your dog will respond to. Ones you put some thought and some effort into the naming process, you will definitely come up with the perfect name for your dog.

I hope this helps and if you already have dog or a dog name in mind, leave a comment to let us know what it is!

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3 Popular Types Of Dogs to Adopt

Are you ready to adopt your first dog? Maybe you’re adopting a dog for the whole family or maybe you just want a dog to keep you company. There are a lot of great and unique types of dogs out there. They each have their own needs, preferences, and attitudes. Here’s a breakdown of both large and small dog breeds.

Small Types Of Dogs.

If you live in an apartment or house with pet restrictions, then a small dog breed is your best option. Not only because it’s what they allow, but because small dogs are better suited to live in smaller areas. They don’t necessarily need an entire lawn to run around in and burn away their energy. It’s a good idea to take them to the park when you can, but until then they will live happily in an apartment or small home.

This is why small dog breeds are far more popular with people who live in the city. Overall, they require less maintenance, create less waste, and eat less food. They also have longer average lifespans than larger dog breeds.

The brussels griffon is a very popular small dog breed. It’s actually referred to as a toy dog because of its extremely small size. The brussels griffon is extremely intelligent. It’s also very short and thick. They are two separate fur types: smooth and rough.

The chihuahua is perhaps the most popular and charismatic of all the small dog breeds. It also comes in two different varieties distinguishable by their coat: long or smooth. Very graceful, fast, and loud. The chihuahua isn’t a dog for everybody, but those who keep them really love them. They aren’t best dogs for keeping around children because of their tempers.

Even though small dog breeds are easy to care for and don’t require much space to live comfortably, you should still take them outside every now and again. A long walk can do a lot to help a dog of any size or breed.

Large Dog Breeds.

You should only adopt a large dog breed if you have the time, patience, and space to train them. It’s true that all dog breeds should be trained, but larger dogs tend to show signs of aggression if never properly trained. Training can actually be a lot of fun and an incredible bonding experience for the dog and owner.

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People who adopt large dogs usually live in rural areas. It’s a common companion for people who live active lifestyles and want a new friend to bring along on during jogs, hikes, swims, and trips to the park. Large dogs are also used as hunting dogs in many areas.

The dalmatian is the perfect example of a loyal, active large dog breed you want by your side. Golden retrievers, great danes, and and boxers. All of these dogs are great around children as well as long as they’ve had some training. They aren’t as nervous and temperamental as some smaller breeds.

Large or small, be sure to love your dog. Take the time to train them and provide the right type of care they need. Not all dogs are cared for the same.

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