Eight Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets


If your significant other is not available for a couples Halloween costume contest than there is no need to for you to fret. Another great option is to take your pet as a couple to the contest, not only will your pet not get bothered at your for your choice of costume for then, they can generally use their charm to help out as well.

Here are a few great ideas for costumes for your lovable pet:

1. Einstein

Turn your furry friend into a complete genius whose brain is bigger than his bark with a creative Einstein costume. All you need is a white lab coat, a crazy hair wig, preferably grey or white and an adorable tie.

2. Uncle Sam

If you are the patriotic type, why not dress your pet in a patriotic Uncle Sam costume. This look will allow your pet to represent the land of the free and the home of the brave! All you need is a jacket, make sure the collar is stripped and an attached shirt. To tie it all together a star spangled banner tie and a top hat will do the trick.

3. Wonder Woman

For the female pet, this is an excellent option, dress your pet to save the world with a creative Wonder Woman costume. A detailed dress with stars and Wonder Woman’s symbol will work perfectly.

4. Superman

For the male dog who wants to be a superhero then a Superman costume is the way to go. Make sure that you use Superman’s signature blue outfit with the symbol proudly displayed on top and do not forget the red cape.

5. Darth Vader

A Darth Vader costume will help your pet look adorably villainous as he or she becomes all the Halloween partiers to join the “bark” side. This will show a completely side of evil, the cuddly side.

6. Princess Leia Headband

This is particularly adorable for female dogs that are more on the elegant side, you can actually find licensed versions of them online. Your four legged buddy will be dressed to save the Empire and will easily blend in with any other Star Wars fans at the party.

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7. Frankenpup

This is quite a great way to turn you pup into a completely different creature. With a black jacket, green front leggings, a green hood and a black wig you will have the perfect look. Add scarring details to the green leggings and hood and maybe a studded collar with some bones to tie it all together.

8. Bride of Frankenpup

This is a perfect idea especially if you have a pair of dogs, All you need is a white dress and an iconic black and white with that the Bride of Frankenstein is known for and you have you perfect set.

These are just a few of the many creative ideas out there. Just make sure you find something that will compliment your pet’s personal look and character and you are set for some Halloween fun.

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5 Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Pet

pet photo

Do you have a pet enthusiast in your family? Or do you have a friend who absolutely adores all things furry? Christmas shopping for a pet lover doesn’t have to be a struggle thanks to the growing number of pet-specific gift options. Check out the following roundup of Christmas gift ideas for pet lovers to see which one is perfect for your favorite furry pet fan.

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  • Ecollarshop.com – Ecollarshop.com offers all e-collars such as remote trainers, wireless fence, receiver collars, bark collars, in-ground fence and accessories.
  • Activedogtoys.com – Get Discount on Dog Toys, Games, Dog Gifts, Dog and Cat Supplies.
  • Petstrollerworld.com – Here you will find a selection of pet stroller’s, detachable carrier, collapsible strollers, trailers, and much more.
  • Surprisemypet.com – Here you can subscribe to monthly box of goodies with different fun toys, healthy treats, and bones that your pet will love.

Finding the right gift for the cat or dog lovers in your life is easy thanks to the ever-growing number of retailers targeting cat enthusiasts with their merchandise selection. With thousands of cat memes and GIFs online, retailers are realizing just how many global pet lovers there are and are stocking merchandise to connect with this feline frenzy. Will you be choosing any of the above-listed Christmas gifts for your pet crazy friends and family this year?

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4 Things You Might Not Know About Your Cat

Cats are amazing creatures — at least that’s what those who have them as pets think. Still, there are many things even the proverbial cat lady herself may not know about them. Learning as much as you can about your pet will help you better able to tend to her needs. After all, domestic cats are highly dependent upon their human caregivers to meet their most basic needs. See if you already know these things about your favorite felines.


They Can Detect Earthquakes

 It is not a proven fact, but many believe that cats can detect earthquakes through the pads on their feet. It is, however, true that the pads of their feet are highly sensitive. Cats have also been known to exhibit rather strange behavior prior to the onset of an earthquake. Some odd behaviors may include, but are not limited to: pacing, hiding under furniture, increased meowing, and staying closer than to you than normal. This behavior might also be an indication of other danger, such as a distant storm.

 Cats Dream Too

 There is a reason people take “cat naps.” Cats do prefer to laze around napping. However, they also need deep sleep, much like humans do. Did you know they also dream? Once they finally relax enough to go into deeper sleep modes, cats begin dreaming, and their brainwave patterns have found to be much similar to those of humans.

 A Nose Bump Is a Handshake or a Hug

 As a handshake is a standard greeting between humans, cats bump noses with one another to exchange information about their status. However, unlike a handshake, this ritual is uncommon among cats because only cats that are familiar with one another will feel comfortable enough to let themselves be so vulnerable. For that reason, it may be best to think of it more as a hug.

 Chocolate Is Poisonous

 It is often said that chocolate can kill dogs, but it also is dangerous to cats. So are a number of other things, such as certain houseplants. Poinsettia leaves, for instance, are poisonous to cats. Be sure to check with a vet about the types of foods your cat can eat, as well as what plants might harm your friend.

 These little-known facts can help you better understand your cat and perhaps form a stronger relationship with her. You also will be better equipped to keep her safe from harm. She might even return the favor one day.

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