Top Things To Do In Dallas

What is there to do in Dallas?

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Traveling to Dallas is often a great way to start a vacation. The problem is a lot of times people are not aware of the top things to do in Dallas. This is when people should know about some of the top things to do when they are visiting Dallas and are not occupied by their job or friends. Then people will be able to take full advantage of their trip to Dallas.

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens are easily one of the top attractions in Dallas. This is a place that people can easily go to and simply get lost in the way the flowers and the trees are looking. However, it is important to set aside enough time during the vacation to make it all the way though the location or people can feel a little short changed because they did not get through it all.


The Sixth Floor Museum and Book Depository is a location that is going to be full of history and provide people with a great chance to experience some of the history. While the building and location was made famous by the assassination of a president, it is a location that is full of history as it has been preserved since the fateful day.


Presidents have a tendency to have a library after they leave office. In Dallas you will find George W. Bush presidential library is going to be helping people in learning quite a bit of information, but also in getting to know more about the region and what is going on inside of it.


Museums are going to be a key to the highlights that are present in Dallas. One of the best museums that people are going to want to travel to is the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. This is a museum that is going to make it easier for people to explore the different aspects of science and nature. However, it will provide quite a unique perspective that people never thought about before.


Dallas Museum of Art is a place for people to enjoy the fine arts from around the world. Often people do not think about this, but the world of art can be a great way to teach and just to reflect. With this museum of art people are going to be able to see some of the best art works around and know they are considered masterpieces.


Dallas is a city that is full of charm and mystery. However, what people need to realize is it is not that hard to solve the charm and mystery they are looking at. All they have to do is know about some of the top things to do in Dallas when they are traveling. By knowing about these top things, it will be easy for people to find the best things to do and know their trip in Dallas will be amazing, instead of just having an average trip to the city.

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White Island – The Most Lifeless Place on Earth

white island new zealand photo
Photo by nzgabriel

White Island is an active volcano rising 1600 metres from the floor of the South Pacific Ocean and standing on it is an eerie contact with raw nature.  There are no grasses, no insects, no birds, no trees – just a sere island of multicoloured rocks with an occasional jet of steam releasing pressure from the volcano beneath.  You may hear gannets nesting on an outer slope, but it only emphasises the starkness of the rocky bowl.   Tours by boat or helicopter take passengers 48 kilometres over the Bay of Plenty to this steaming rock in the ocean. 

You must watch your step over the natural rock as, apart from the landing wharf, there are no modifications for human comfort.   The tour guide hands out gas masks for the approach to the core of the crater where yellow-green, sulphurous water exhales fatal fumes.  

white island new zealand photoCorroding machinery and twisted iron bars at one end of the island show where a sulphur mine was abandoned after a mudslide killed all ten of its workers in 1914 and only the camp cat survived.

The tour can be taken by helicopter for $NZ835 per person, for $NZ600 and by boat for $NZ200.  Whichever way you do it, the experience of landing on New Zealand’s most active volcano is unforgettable.


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