Plan a Vacation, Get Best Hotel Deals With Barcelo Hotels!

“I just can’t stop thinking about you…” Vacations are meant to be cherished!

Vacation time

If you are struggling to get over a painful breakup, or you have just started off on a lovely relationship. An excellent family time or a weekend getaway with friends. A business meeting or a wedding, a vacation is something to look forward to.  It gives you the chance to meditate in nature, to learn a new skill or gives you an opportunity just to be a lazy bum and relax. The purpose is irrelevant; at the end, you should be able to carry those memories for years to come.

Why should you choose Barcelo Hotels for your vacation?

Barcelo Hotels

Barcelo Group of Hotels has over 85 years of experience in the hospitality industry, serving their customers, pampering them over during their stay with them. They give their customers the top priority by offering the best hotel deals alongside a plethora of benefits and an immaculate service.

Here are the five reasons to choose the Barcelo Hotels for your stay during your vacation.

Hard-to-miss Barcelo Hotels: All you have to do is choose your destination. And you can find the Barcelo Group of Hotels there. They are widespread across the world with 100+ hotels in 20 different countries. With its hotels and resorts spread across the continents of Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and the Caribbean islands, you can find them at all your favorite destinations.

Barcelo Hotels

The ubiquitous Barcelo Hotel Group makes its presence felt across the world in four brands-

  1. Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Resorts
  2. Barcelo Hotels & Resorts
  3. Occidental Hotels & Resorts
  4. Allegro Hotels

Plan a getaway to your favorite spot with Barcelo Group and avail extra 5% discount on your stay with the Occidental Hotels & Resorts through Barcelo Hotels Promo Code here.

Hotels that meet various purposes: It’s not just about your preferred holiday spot. You can also pick the type of accommodation you desire. Their chain of hotels include

Scuba Diving at Barcelo Hotels

  • Beach hotels
  • Large Resorts
  • Hotels with Casinos
  • All inclusive hotels
  • City Hotels in Europe, America
  • Premium Hotels
  • Business Hotels
  • Hotels for Adults only
  • Golf Hotels
  • Hotels for Scuba Diving
  • Hotels for Couples
  • Hotels with a Spa

Plan a Wedding/Events with the Barcelo Hotels: The Barcelo Group is into everything you can think of when it comes to a vacation.

Wedding  at Barcelo Hotels

And that includes a wedding too. All you have to do is decide a date for the wedding and the group’s wedding planner service will take care of the rest. They make the idea of your dream wedding come true with their micro-planned wedding service. It could be a beach wedding, in a hotel with charm, a terrace wedding, a high gastronomy wedding; they have it all for you.

You can also plan a business meeting at their chain of hotels. They offer an end to end service, huge discounts and a memorable service to make your business a great success.

Barcelo Group’s All-Time Best Packages:

Try the vast assortment of Barcelo Hotel’s in Madrid for an immersing experience.  If you aim for sightseeing, you can make your hotel reservations at the Barcelo hotel in the heart of the city. If you intend to relax during your stay in Madrid, choose from the Barcel Group of Hotels equipped with swimming pool and spa for a unique experience.

Barcelo Raval

Barcelo Raval, Barcelona is their top-rated hotel. To have a varied Barcelo experience, embark your journey with your hotel booking at the Barcelo Raval. With 182 rooms that include four ultra-comfortable suites, city’s choicest brunches, an incredible range of cuisine, and a mesmerizing infrastructure, the Barcelo Raval is bound to beat your expectations.

An All-inclusive Barcelo Package: Barcelo Group takes pride in their all-around service. They have 685 travel agencies in 22 countries. Right from your travel plan to hotel deals, hotel finder to hotel reservations, they offer everything you can think of.

Choose a Latin America getaway with Barcelo Hotels and get an additional 10% off with Barcelo Hotels Coupons. Book hotels at best hotel prices with the Barcelo Group and enjoy your vacation!


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The Best Beach Travel Deals for Spring Vacation

beach travel deals

With denizens zeroing in on popular spring break vacation spots and online travel companies amplifying their competitive offerings, exploring beaches and spending time in exotic destinations seems to be an excellent spring break idea. Here we gather up some information on both cheap and premium spring vacation packages for the aspiring tourist in you. At this juncture, it is important to know what are the top spring destinations or spring break getaways. Let us weight options.

Family Spring Break Vacations in Miami

Miami beach vacation

Where to go on holidays in April? Couples looking for a pleasurable beach retreat should check out Beach holidays of Miami. Vacations in Miami offer beautiful and azure beaches to enjoy the warmth of the sun and have a gala time talking to your loved ones. Alcohol is legal in Miami, so sip in that beer and chill out. Families looking for a getaway from regular schedule to enjoy the bliss of the beach scenery, savoring the crisp beach air are in for a treat. Take a stroll on the beaches in your unique beachwear. If you are new to the US, you need to drive to Miami at least ones; it will be a memorable drive I bet. Some online websites offer cheap car rentals; you can pick up their deals at For your cruises, flight booking, hotel booking, and vacation packages take the service of a reputed travel company like CheapOAir that will help you get cheap spring vacation deals for your Miami vacation.

Explore Caribbean Beaches

We need more spring break ideas. Set sail for a Caribbean adventure. Include the Caribbean islands on the list of places you want to explore this spring break. Cap Juluca Resort offers a stunning view of the beach. Those who love to drink watching the sunset and rise will never be unsatisfied as the beach offers butler service at various spots. The famed Barbados beach is a top spring destination fenced by cliffs and soft sands. You will love the greenery on the shores surrounding the beach. Make reservations, flight booking with coupons for an economy travel and save more.

If the beach is your destination and if you have already explored Miami, consider Panama City Beach. The City Beach is an ideal location for party animals. Many professionals want to unwind themselves these beaches taking a break from their busy professional lives. For them, Panama Beach fits well as it has the famous night club Club La Vela for them to indulge in wild partying and satisfy their untamed passions.

Spring Break Ideas in Mexico

Mexican vacation

What are the other places to go for a spring break? Students, young working professionals, and seasoned travelers, do you want to groove to the DJ on the beaches? If the answer is yes, choose Cancun in Mexico that has top rated DJs to entertain you. The electrifying music, drinks, dancing with friends will leave you with unforgettable moments on your trip to Cancun. Hyatt Zilara, The Ritz Carlton, Le Blanc Spa Resort vie for one another to offer you excellent packages for your beach vacation. Many will search for affordable spring holidays packs; you can get best hotel deals here.

Through with Cancun? Then head to Acapulco, Mexico that takes your partying experience a notch up. The location has quite some resorts to offer you cheap spring vacation.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is 2017’s best spring break destinations for tourists looking for frugal travel destinations. Cabo attracts youngsters with its non-stop parties. Choose Cabo as a spring vacation spot and unwind your wild party instincts. Thrill with the water based activities and chill with the nightlife in Cabo. Many clubs in Cabo offers the best nightlife which you will never forget during your spring break getaways. The beach has many hotels and hostels if students are looking for cheap fares.

Beach vacation in these top rated destinations is an excellent idea. To make this idea pleasurable and memorable go for a planned trip that will ensure a hassle free experience to your favorite spring break destinations. Get the best deals for your flight booking, reservations, car rentals, or various packages with coupons and promocodes. Happy Vacation!

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What is Travel Insurance and Do I Need it

Travel insurance is an option available for people planning a trip, for business or leisure, that will provide financial protection in the case of unexpected inconveniences. With most travel providers, it is an optional extra and not a necessary purchase. Just what does travel insurance cover, though, and do you need it?

Being injured while on vacation isn’t something that a lot of people would expect to happen to them. Many travelers may not even take the possibility into consideration. Frequent travelers who have had no experiences with injury or loss of belongings in the past may not consider travel insurance as they have never needed it before. Taking out a travel insurance policy can have many benefits, however, especially if the unexpected does occur.

Not only can it be scary to be injured and require medical attention while in a foreign country but, in some cases, it can be expensive, too. If you’re travelling to a country that does not have a free health service, the cost of a hospital stay or any type of treatment can amount to thousands and build up a debt that could have been avoided.

Travel insurance does not just protect you in the event of injury. Most travel insurance plans will cover you not only for medical expenses while abroad, but also for personal liability, legal expenses and any costs that may be incurred through missed or delayed departures. Some plans may also insure you for loss of personal belongings, documents or money. There are many options available when it comes to insuring yourself and your belongings while traveling and it is important to look around to see which plan suits you and your needs the best.

8 Typical Covered Reasons for Trip Cancellation

Download Link:  8 Typical Covered Reasons for Trip Cancellation.pdf


There are different levels of travel insurance that you can purchase. If you’re just planning one vacation, you can buy insurance for a single trip, or if you’re somebody who travels frequently, there are annual options available from some travel insurance providers that will cover you for a full year, often at a discounted rate. There are also options to buy travel insurance for couples and families who travel together.

If you are traveling as part of an adventure holiday, or for a sporting activity that could be deemed dangerous, the cost of your insurance is likely to be higher than if the trip was just a general vacation. Some providers will not insure individuals who are at a higher risk of injury at all, so it is important to shop around and compare insurance plans before selecting one.

travel coupons

Travel insurance is something that a lot of people overlook. When booking a trip with most providers, insurance is optional and not compulsory. It is common for people to assume that they are not going to need it and not add it to their travel expenses to save on some money. Covering yourself in case the unexpected does happen, however, is a small price to pay for what could happen should something occur when you’re not protected. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.


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