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Holding gluten the villain for people developing celiac symptoms is quite common. People with celiac disease are on the rise with one in 133 people being diagnosed with celiac disease. It is natural for those who do not have celiac become more cautious to avoid becoming the next case. Researchers confirm Celiac to be an autoimmune disease; hence, a defensive approach towards celiac with gluten free foods makes more sense.


Gluten is Everywhere

Gluten is omnipresent in the grains that constitute our core daily diet. Experts vouch that gluten provides no essential nutrients to our daily intakes like grains, pizza, bread, pasta, and cereals. Does this mean that we need a gluten free food list or celiac disease diet? Today, millions follow a gluten free diet although the majority of them do not have celiac. Call it just gluten intolerance; they opt for gluten-free foods. The bottom line here is that there is safety in choosing gluten free foods, first of all, to avoid celiac and be free from multiple sclerosis (MS), osteoporosis, and secondly, infertility which are the complications of celiac.

Gluten is everywhere

In your diet, you cannot avoid grains although there is much talk about wheat free diet. That is why exactly we need to choose gluten free bread or grains to stay healthy. Your search should be for what is gluten free? You need to choose a broad range of gluten-free snacks, gluten free foods, etc., to achieve your wellness goals. Here we analyze gluten intolerance age wise and suggest a list of gluten free foods.

Gluten free Eatables for Children

Glutenfree childrenfood

Help children first, as celiac symptoms like chronic diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, and constipation develops in them even at the age of six months in3 to 13 / 1,000 cases. Take good care of your children with lovely snacks. Wellness experts pitch for organic and all natural snacks for the gluten intolerant to munch something on often. Fruit balls, chewy fruit meals, caramel truffle, original potato chips, cinnamon berries, corn pasta, etc., are much sought after as small eatables for their cravings. Some of these could be excellent lunch packs as well.  So, snack it out. Kids look for more varieties. Try out hot favorite gluten free eatables like:

  • Popcorn White Cheddar
  • Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt Potato Chips
  • Exotic Vegetable Chips
  • Sea Salt Popped Corn Chips
  • Exotic Vegetable Chips
  • Roasted Garlic Hummus
  • Banza Gluten Free Pasta-Shells
  • Mamma Chia Squeeze Wild Raspberry Vitality Snack
  • Protein powders

Gluten-free Foods for Women

Glutenfree womenfood

Celiac has different ways to attack different ones. In the case of women, the attack is through iron-deficiency leading to anemia. Secondly, they face the bigger risk of infertility, low birth rate children, and preterm births. By eliminating gluten foods and by providing gluten free foods, women can reduce these risks. Paleo diet is highly nutritional and recommended for women because of their emphasis on fresh vegetables and grass-fed meats. Therefore, choose gluten free Paleo recipes like grass-fed meat, fruit, eggs, honey, wild-caught fish/seafood, organic vegetables, nuts, and seeds are available for women.

Food list for all Adults

Adults require gluten free foods for better blood sugar control and to combat gastrointestinal problems. See here for vegetarian gluten free meals. Some suppliers provide excellent entrees, side dishes, starting with an oil free Cuban Black Bean soup. Followed by:

  • Tofu Cacciatore
  • Kung Pao Veggies
  • Spring Orzo & Quinoa Risotto

glutenfree food list

For a healthy gluten free vegetarian meal, you can choose healthy side dishes like Mediterranean Roasted Veggies, Edamame Brown Rice, Black-Eyed Pea Salad, or Kale Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette. A diet like this will help you resist celiac in its mild or worst forms. Therefore, those who are highly intolerant to gluten can take a balanced vegan diet on a regular basis and a meat diet occasionally.

Reduce Gluten Risk in Your Family

Finally, the bottom line is people of all age group and gender require a celiac disease diet. No woman wants infertility; nobody would like to have type 1 diabetes or migraine headaches. Have proper medical checkups, celiac symptoms vary from person to person and require gluten free foods to reduce risk to your family. Buy gluten free food with food coupons and discounts. Stay healthy, stay fit.





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