The Golden Super Bowl 2016 is Here


Super Bowl 50 is coming soon. The excitement can already be felt. Who will come out victorious in the NFL game of thrones? The Patriots are on a revenge mission following the Deflate gate scandal though injuries may hamper their progress. The Broncos still remain embroiled in finding a good quarterback and the Bengals look forward to clearing their ‘one-and-done’ tag though they too (like the patriots) have injury concerns. Andy Dalton’s injured thumb is not making things any easier for them. The NFL playoffs has other dark horses – the Washington Redskins, the Packers, the Vikings, the Seahawks, the Panthers and the Cardinals – clamoring for glory and fighting for one of the 2 spots reserved for the Super Bowl. It will be very tough. That’s enough with the prelude, it’s time we answered all your questions about the fiftieth edition of the Super Bowl.

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When is the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 50 is expected to kick off at 6: 30 PM E.T. on Sunday, February 7th, 2016. This will be 2 weeks after the AFC and NFC conference championship games.

What TV channel is the Super Bowl on?

CBS will broadcast the Super Bowl. This is the first time they have been given the broadcasting rights since 2013. FOX, NBC and CBS share a 3-year cycle. Viewers in Canada will watch the action on CTV.

Where will the Super Bowl be held?

The Super Bowl will be played in Levi’s Stadium located in Santa Clara, California. This stadium is home to the San Francisco 49ers. It was opened about 2 years ago (2014 to be exact) and has a capacity to seat approximately 70,000 fans. NFL fans in this area are excited because this year marks 31 years since a Super Bowl was last held here.

Who will perform at halftime?

The Super Bowl half-time show has been graced by the best of the pop world. This year, the league has confirmed that the show will be headlined by Coldplay (a British rock band).

The 50th Super Bowl has also been called the ‘Golden’ Super Bowl because it will be played in California (the Golden State). The title is a perfect fit because a fiftieth anniversary is traditionally identified as the golden anniversary. How convenient is that? Over the years, tradition and hype surrounding the Super Bowl have become bigger than the event itself. Whether you chose to catch the action in the stadium with thousands of strangers or do so from the comfort of your couch, just remember that your part of history.

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