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Last updated on September 6th, 2017

At a time when buyers find many choices to source food and groceries, store displays a unique approach to win consumer trust.

Quality veg

The quest of homemakers to source quality vegetables, meat, and groceries is nothing new. In a highly competitive scenario where time is a premium denizens who are directly or indirectly into home making have high regard for suppliers who can fetch them quality food products. First of all, the demand is for quality products, second is timely delivery, and third is the most important price of course. If any reputed supplier can meet all these parameters that store can surely get ratings upgrade from the customers who are general public who wants to eat quality food.

A Past Master in the Grocery Business!

Groceries is a Canadian store having a presence in Americas. They have been in the grocery business for 40 years have an extensive network of cultivators and farms globally. The brand promise of super market grocery favorites or freshly picked vegetables stems from the fact that they have established relations with the original producers. Having researched thus far, our next aim is to check the quality of food, delivery credentials, and price factors to avail online grocery shopping from this store.

Service Efficiency

Let us start with service. Howsoever superior is the product, but if the products are not reaching in time, what is the use? Therefore, it is important to check on the reliability of the service. This store has a promise of delivering quality grocery to your door steps with an Everyday Fresh, and Next Day Guarantee. Leave the company guarantee for a while. We need to examine what the customer says. Shall we check them once?

Next day delivery

Look at their Facebook page. A buyer Kenny Simms says, “The service was great! The food was fresh.” Another customer Harold Walker compliments, “The meat choices and the freshness of the fruits and vegetables were fantastic.” There are other supporting reviews too. It is better the aspiring first-time buyers go through reviews and be convinced.

Food and Grocery Quality


Similarly, people are telling good opinion about the food quality also. In Yelp.Ca, one reviewer C’est C Bon wrote, “I had the beef bourguignon. The beef was tender, the potatoes au gratin were seasoned well.” The secret of their food quality is in their vast network with grocery producers. In case, if you are not satisfied with their products, you can cancel your order before 5 PM on the day before the delivery day. Buyers should look at this kind of responsibility to buy from a store. And in this count, handsomely wins the trust of the customers.

Priced Reasonably!

Last is price factor. Even if you have cent percent admiration for the quality and service of a store, but if you feel the price is unbearable, you will not deal with such stores. That is why exactly we need to look at the cost of the products also, to see whether the price is market determined. Be cool, if you do market research, you can find their prices are reasonable here.


Red apple (2LB) $3.99, asparagus one bunch $5.99, apple pink lady 5 LB $9.79. These are fairly cheap rates and a savvy buyer like you can further bring down the price with the help of Foodoncart.Ca Coupons where you can save $5 on your orders. Are you feeling convinced now?


Winning Approvals, Expanding Market Base

It is quite natural that quality, free delivery next day, and reasonable price can win instant approval from the customers. This must be the reason for their swift expansion of market base where you may also be one person. While summing up, I can recommend this store for your grocery and food purchase.

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