What is Healthy Feet Development with Kids Shoes?

Are you buying children shoes just for feet comfort or for feet development? Footwear tips for feet development.

Healthy feet development

Parents who are anxious about the all-round development of their children invest on children’s physical and mental growth. But have you ever heard of healthy feet development with kid’s shoes? We are sure you spend a good amount of time and energy to buy the best shoes for their children regarding the brand, the look, and feel of the product. Beyond that, there is little awareness of the science of healthy feet development.

Feet Like Hind Feet!

Healthy feet development

Religion gives importance to feet with expressions like ‘making feet like hind’s feet’ which means healthy feet is a blessing from God. Those who don’t have much attachment to religions will also admit the importance of healthy feet that will help them climb personal or professional ladders. Yes, the thrust is on feet development at the tender age. Kids benefit the most with these shoes. An enormous amount of R&D has gone into manufacturing these shoes which are ideal for the development of their healthy feet.

Pediped is a child shoe store dedicated to promoting healthy feet development of children. Pediped has the distinction of being awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for manufacturing shoes that support foot development. Now the answers on how their shoes help in feet development depend on analyzing their products and its features.

Originals® Cliff Purple Lily

Pediped baby shoes


You have a toddler beginning to walk. During beginning stages, you need to take extra caution for your baby’s feet growth. Originals® Cliff Purple Lily is a featured infant shoe from Pediped. This product has sizes for the newborn-24 months. Buyers may think how the feet development happens before buying beginner shoes. According to Pediped, it is in the materials used to make the shoes. Originals shoe has human-made and mesh upper and breathable leather lining to give maximum comfort to the tender feet of the toddler aiding feet growth.

We need more convincing information on feet development. Originals Cliff Purple Lily has a breathable leather lining and all leather soft-sole with slip-resistant diamond tread to give air for the feet and grip to avoid slipping. These two functions aid feet development. These Pediped baby shoes are available for $39.95. Try this.

Originals® Rosa Purple

pepided baby shoes

Another exclusive kid’s feet protection shoe is Originals® Rosa Purple. This product is for new babies in 24 months age group. It’s genuine suede upper gives excellent protection to the baby’s feet. The brand differentiation is in its faux fur lining leather soft-sole with slip-resistant diamond tread. This high-quality, non-toxic leather allows little toes to move, grip, and feel the floor. Interested, you can buy these infant shoes for $45.00.

Grip ‘N’ Go™ Ronnie Navy

Pediped kids shoes

Grip N’ Go is for toddlers wanting to walk with confident strides. This period is crucial for the feet development, therefore exercise caution to select the right shoes. Grip N’ Go shoes incorporate G2 technology for the all-round feet enhancement of your toddler. The soft rubber sole, rounded edges mimicking the natural shape of a child’s foot offer heel stability. The soft toe box allows toes to curl and grip the floor. Intrigued? Buy these toddler shoes at $55.00 and give the feet protection your toddler deserves.

Did your elder kid miss out on the Pediped shoes? Pediped has the answer for that.  The Fin Flex technology from Pediped provides additional insoles that you can insert for a snug fit then remove them as and when your child’s foot grows. Using this also makes economic sense as these insoles can reduce shoe size by almost half a size, extending its life. These junior kids shoes cost $58.00.

The Bottom line

Pediped offers baby shoes, toddler sandals, and infant shoes. If you feel a systematic feet development is a priority for your kids, then try out the kids’ shoes clearance sale to save big on the price front. Make use of  Pediped Coupon promo code to avail good discounts and provide the best growing environment for your kids.

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