How to get the NCAA Men’s Final Four Tickets for Cheap

Want to go to NCAA Men’s Final Four? Get your tickets for cheap.

NCAA Final Four

NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketballs features over 65 basketball teams who play in a single elimination tournament during the Spring. Some call it the March Madness due to the speed at which teams are eliminated. The tournament culminates in the Final Four where the winner of the last four teams takes the highly coveted trophy. This year Final Four takes place at Alamodome San Antonio, Texas between 31st of March and 2nd of April. There are few tips To get NCAA Men’s Final Four Tickets on-time and with affordable price.

The Final Four will be two semi-finals and the Ultimate final. Given the interest in the finals, tickets sales volumes are already going up along with the price. If you want to attend for the Final Four, here are some tips to get your hands on the tickets without having to spend a fortune on them.
Traditionally, the tickets to the semi-finals are more expensive than the national championship game. If you are looking to spending a low amount, you may decide to just watch the finals rather than a combination of the semi-finals and the finals.

When should you buy the ticket?

Early tickets are not obviously cheap when it comes to March Madness. For example, tickets prices fell by a whopping 27% when we reached last 16 and 35% on reaching the Elite 8. The performance of the teams influences the shift in prices. When the favorites fail to make it up the ladder, most of their hardcore fans sell their receipts at discounted prices. This could be a few days to the finals. This is a gamble. You can buy early and keep your ticket or watch the price trends and pounce when the prices have taken a dip. The only risk is that you cannot tell if they will take a dip again before the finals.

Best online destination to buy the NCAA Men’s Final Four Tickets!

There are several trusted sites where you can buy the ticket at the comfort of your home. Here are some of the best places to buy your tickets.


You can pick the Final Four package that is a single ticket for the semi-final and the finals. Prime Sport sell tickets to most sporting actions as well as events like the Super Bowl. It also sells packages to the event.


Ticket Liquidator is a ticket resale website. Here is a place you can get tickets at discounted prices. You can also use it to sell your tickets. Head to the website and browse offers available for the Final Four. You can also use the site to get discounted tickets to major events across the country.


Ticket distributors have been in the ticket selling market for the last 16 years. They claim to have sold over 10 million tickets over the period. Here you can get tickets at good prices. They send the tickets on time and ensure that they are authentic so that you do not miss your event.


Ticket Club is known to offer tickets at reasonable prices. You can also get a discount for buying several tickets at once. The website also has over 20 other sporting events for which you can buy a ticket. If you would like a vantage point in the stadium, the website can help you get the best seat.

How to get the cheapest Final Four Tickets?

Here are some useful tips on how to get the NCAA Men’s Final Four Tickets at a cheap price:

Forget the packages

Full strip packages bundle up the semi-finals and the finals into one ticket. While this may be cheaper and look like a great idea, it is not a smart one. There is a chance that you will get individual tickets selling cheaper than when selling them as a package.

Check the tickets after a favorite team has been defeated

Check out the ticket prices after a favorite team has fallen. There is a high likelihood that some unhappy fans will be selling the tickets. This is the best time to get discounted tickets to the game.

Look for tickets in areas with low fan bases

You can tell the fan base by looking at the teams playing after the Sweet 16. Regions that are not represented at this point or areas where the teams on the table are underdogs, there is likely to be the low fan base. Sites targeting these regions may record high ticket resales and good discounts along the way. For example during the Elite 8 tournaments, ticket resales for Jacksonville and Louisville had gone down to below $60 compared to $80 and above in many other regions. This is because the region lacked a prominent to back.
Final Four tickets
The Final Four is definitely a place to be to watch as one of the team tears down the net for the trophy. You do not need to spend a fortune to get to the stadium. The above points will help you get the cheapest tickets in the market. The Final Four ticket sales trends are unique. Learn to track the prices and pounce on the ticket when the prices are low.

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