Labels for Invitations, Coasters, Food and Beverage

For personalized campaigns and creative product marketing, you need the best designer labels.


Markets have a strange propensity to respond favorably to attractive labels. Stickers and labels are presentations of a product. In other words, it acts as the interface between the product and its customers. As a matter of fact, it takes great efforts to make a product into a favorite brand of people. Imagine a scenario where one manufacturer made an excellent product but has packed poorly, what will be the outcome? It goes without saying; a few non-specialists may consider buying this product after severe persuasion. And, the informed customer may ignore the product in all probability.

Stickers and Labels Matter

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Think once, what can we infer from this? There is a requirement for good packing with labels. Custom labels, personalized stickers, personalized labels, and custom made stickers play a vital role in the marketing of any product. If we look at the popular beer brands or wine, we get attracted to them. That is the power of personalized tags or personalized sticker labels. Sensing this feeling, some companies offer ‘design your own labels’ solutions to FMCG segment, food, beverage, and events sections. Evermine is an online store dealing with custom stickers for businesses of all sizes. This store has been in existence since 2000.

Get Personalized with Hand Tags, Coasters, Cards, Invitations

hand tags

Let us go back to markets once again. The competition is intense as various products vying for the same consumer base. This means one company has to eat into other’s base to achieve growth. How is this possible? You know it well; through personalized offers. Personalized service is one thing where oral customer support holds the key. But there also one has to show the product with eye-catching stickers and explanations to make a sale. It is in this area Evermine plays a vital role with hand tags, coasters, cards, invitations, labels, etc.

Invitation cards

How Evermine Qualifies?

Now, you may ask one question. Why Evermine? Yes, one can find others stores also in the sticker and label segment. This store has more than 34,050 likes on Facebook. Secondly, this store has hundreds of five-star ratings to its credit.  These ratings are responses to their fast customer service and top quality designs of their skilled artisans. Moreover, their products are eco-friendly and made in the USA.

Tags for Events

Are you planning any event? Wedding favor tags, food & craft hang tags, wine hangs tags, baby shower tags, bridal shower tags, party tags, birthday tags, photo hang tags, and holiday gift cards are highly sought across seasons. For Mother’s Day Labels, they are offering up to 64% off. Buy their products with an Evermine coupon code and grab your discounts.

Design Labels for Parties

You plan a party; Evermine presents your party best with design labels. They are offering up to 64% discount on party labels. Buy party invitation cards for just $0.99 each. Don’t forget to buy with Evermine promo codes.

Coasters for Royal Treat

Wine labels

Your priority to buy coasters, wine labels, beer stickers, or food pack labels come next. If you are a materials manager in leading star hotel, you know the importance of buying quality products. The same philosophy is applicable for event managers. Evermine’s custom wine labels come in more than 30 colors. When you commemorate a special event, you surely need premium wine coasters to give your guests a royal treat. In the DIY wine or beer coasters, you can upload your own design or photo. Go for the best offer.

Ultimately, stickers and labels are presentations of your products or services. Go for the personalized ones and make a mark.


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