Memorial Day Sales and Deals – Best Shopping Tips

Last updated on April 23rd, 2018

Know what buy during the weekend from Memorial Day Sales and Deals

Memorial Day Sales

Once again Memorial Day is here with us. In 2018, the day will be marked on May 28, a Monday to honor those who lost their lives in military service in the U.S. Everyone is expected to celebrate the day by visiting memorials or cemeteries, participating in processions, and gathering together as families while getting ready for the summer. For this year, a lot is happening as far as getting great shopping deals is concerned. There is no better way to get what you want at the lowest prices possible with the Memorial Day Sales and Deals.

What to buy on Memorial Day

In this write-up, you will get tips on what to buy and where to get the best Memorial Day Sales and Deals.

Mattress Sale

If you are looking for the best mattress deals, Memorial Day is the best time to hit the store. Be a part of the 53 percent of consumers in search of sales at this time. Moving house in the summer shouldn’t be such a hassle especially when it comes to furnishing your new home.
In 2017, some stores were offering as much as $150 off all types of mattresses. What more could a shopper want?

Furniture Sales

There is no better way to buy furniture than on Memorial Day. Expect to get as much as 30 percent off on any form of furniture.
Promo codes are also a popular way of obtaining an additional 10 percent off on furniture prices from the stores.

Appliance Sale

There is no need to keep postponing your kitchen renovations. As springtime sets off on Memorial Day, buy your appliances at the best prices from the stores.
Last year, consumers enjoyed discounts of between 15 and 50 percent on electric and gas cookers. Dishwashers, on the other hand, attracted 19 percent discount at Best Buy.

Laptop Sale and Deals

If you have no other reason to buy a laptop on Memorial Day, at least do it as a way of taking advantage of the huge sales from the stores.
This year will be no different from what happened in 2017 when online stores like Amazon were giving up to $100 discount on laptops.

Refrigerator Sale

This year, you can buy a refrigerator either brand new over-the-counter or affordable fridges from garage sales.
In 2017, the highest discount on a refrigerator was 41 percent was given at Home Depot. At Lowe’s consumers saved up to 36 percent on the LG InstaView refrigerator.
Expect better deals from the stores this year.

Washer/Dryer Sale

The stores are getting creative when it comes to how they enable consumers to save on their Memorial Day purchases.
Take Maytag’s 2017 promo in which consumers buying a washer together with a compatible dryer would get a 29 percent discount plus a mail-in rebate.

Electronics Sale

For those looking to upgrade their TVs and Hi-Fi system, the onset of summer is the right time to do it. Apart from Black Friday, there is no other time of the year you will save hundreds of dollars.
In 2017, consumers saved up to $500 on TVs they bought from Best Buy. Who doesn’t want to be part of that?

Camera Sale

Of course, you have a camera on your smartphone. However, if you are a professional photographer, you need a proper camera. With memorial day sales and deals, you can save as much as $200 on a Canon camera.

Popular stores for Memorial Day Deals

Just like every other year, the following are some of the best Memorial Day deals in 2018: Memorial Day Deals

Best Buy Memorial Day Deals

Did you know that Best Buy is already offering great deals and sales on laptops, TVs, dishwashers, ovens, gas ranges, dryers, washers, and refrigerators?
On HDTV sets and Home Theaters, you will get up to 64 percent discount if you make your purchases on or before Memorial Day.

Kmart Memorial Day Deals

Get the best deals from Kmart on TVs, Patio Furniture, Kid’s Comforters, Electronics, and several other items in clearance sales. In 2017, consumers could not resist Kmart’s offer of up to 50 percent off on TVs.

Lowes’s Memorial Day Deals

Memorial Day shoppers at Lowe’s should expect to buy Patio Furniture, Lighting and Fans, Washing Machines, Lawn and Garden items, and other appliances.

Sears Memorial Day Deals

In 2018, Sears is offering up to 60 percent off mattresses and 40 percent off appliances on Memorial Day. Apart from that, you can buy grills, patio furniture, and mechanics tools from Sears at a highly discounted price.

Kohl’s Memorial Day Deals & Sales

This is one of the stores where you should expect huge Memorial Day discounts on selected items. Clothes for men, women, and kids are being offered at prices discounted by up to 50 percent. Also expect 10 to 40 percent off on select furniture, kitchen appliances, and shoes.

Ashley Furniture Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day should not pass without you benefiting from the 65 percent discounts on furniture bought at Ashley Furniture outlets. On beds and mattresses, Ashley is offering up to 50 percent off.

JCPenney Memorial Day Deals

What is it that you want on Memorial Day 2018? JCPenney is offering up to 50 percent off on sandals, mattresses, and appliances. In addition, you get between 10 to 20 percent off if you sign up through text or email alerts.

Walmart Memorial Day Deals

Be sure to save hundreds of dollars on mattresses and up to 66 percent on kitchen appliances. On Memorial Day, Walmart has clearance sales on electronics. You get up to 85 percent off with these.

Home Depot Memorial Day Deals

Take advantage of the great discounts from home depot to replace aging patio furniture, grills, and other appliances. You get up to 40 percent off.

Macy’s Memorial Day Deals & Sales

Look out for Macy’s promo codes on kitchen appliances, clothing, comforters, bed items, and bath items. The discounts are as high as 75 percent.

Target Memorial Day Deals

Buy HDTVs grills, and patio furniture from Target on Memorial Day and you will enjoy 20 percent off or $400 in savings. On select electronics, Target is offering up to 80 percent off.


Memorial Day comes only once in a year. In 2018, you can make huge savings if you take advantage of the sales and deals from your favorite stores. Take advantage of the cheap prices to replace aging electronics, appliances and furniture.

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