Natural Supplements for a Healthy Lifestyle

Last updated on June 5th, 2017

When prescription drugs become a cause of mortality that surpasses deaths due to accidents, it is natural for a sensible citizen to seek alternative methods of health. The Wall Street Journal report estimates drug overdose mortality rate at 16.1 deaths per 100,000 people. Brace up for reality, the future of wellness will not be dependent on drugs, but on the intake of adequate nutritional supplements. It is in this context the search for organic health potions became a priority, and health supplements became highly sought after.

Nutritional supplments

Natural Extracts as Multivitamin Supplements

Losing health in the process of making money and losing money to restore health is a commonplace. Most of us have experienced this, and we need to protect our health with apt natural dietary supplements. Sensing this trend, nutritionists have girded up their loins offering valuable pieces of advice and guidelines exhorting people to be careful about their dietary habits.

Let food be your medicine and vice versa, is no new idea. Avid wellness seekers practiced this since long. Health experts insist on best multi-vitamin for woemn, foods like whole grains, nuts, leafs, fruits, milk, honey, eggs, and meat that can supply a good amount of micro and macro nutrients.

Natural extracts

Celebrated nutritionists undertake intense research into absorption patterns of protein by our bodies. As a result, natural multivitamin supplements are available in the market for users. Some manufacturers travel to distant geographies to extract the right organic or natural products and have come up with certified gender specific health products.

Supplements for Men

Among many extracts, pomegranate provides excellent benefits for men. A natural brew made of this fruit can set right men’s erectile dysfunction (ED). According to Robert J. Cornell, a certified urologist 30 million American men suffer from ED. Moreover, 75,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. For both maladies, natural potion acts as the best remedy. A quality pomegranate extract is rich in antioxidants. Research has proved antioxidants have the power to perk up sex life as well as balancing cholesterol levels. It is advisable you have this for a longer period.

supplements for men

Men who are scared of prostate cancer can try this extract as it contains ellagitannins, an organic chemical fighting the production of cancer cells. It is at this point, men can think on consuming pomegranate formulation to lift libido and maintain the BP.

Skincare Nutrition is Vital for Women

Women’s health has a correlation with their beauty, and if they are psychologically happy, they will stay in excellent health. They need multi-vitamins. Women have skincare concerns that reduce their confidence which in turn negatively affects their psyche. They dread acne, whiteheads, blackheads, and other blemishes. They need natural supplements for thick and healthy hair, beautiful nails, and radiant skin. Flax seed oil and gelatin have the right mix of micronutrients to get rid of skin issues. Some merchants in this field are offering extracts in the form of herbal capsules. Women can try this under a physician’s guidance.

skincare nutrition

Studies show 80% of women having weaker bones than acceptable levels. Poor dietary practices, lack of anti oxidant vitamins, sedentary life, and menopause act as villains of the piece. Low calcium intake is one reason for bone deterioration. On their own time and convenience, women can take natural supplements to restore bone health. Vitamin D does have a significant role in improving bone strength and promoting women health. Milk and dairy products contain the right quantity of Vitamin-D. Some companies produce 100 percent natural extracts in the form of capsules to help women undergoing osteoporosis.

Men and women need thyroid supplements for thyroid health. A few companies are producing and supplying nutritional products for your thyroid care with natural supplements coupons and promo codes. Similarly, some companies are providing supplements for bladder health.

Ultimately, there is every reason to go natural for a healthy life. Being informed about health issues and turning to natural solutions should develop into a habit.


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