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New York City

The financial capital of the United States of America, the New York City is one of the country’s great melting pots and a ‘must-see’ place that you need to visit at least once in your lifetime.
The home of the Yankees and Knicks is more than just a city. It is an experience. It is a state of mind. It is an identity. It is love.
A peculiarity of the Big Apple, as residents fondly call it, is its unique urban culture, often imitated but rarely duplicated. New York is home to all the races known to man and more than 100 nationalities, each of whom has a distinctive contribution that produces the peculiar cultural flavor that earns them the name ‘New Yorker.’

Cultural traits in New York

Cultural traits in New York
A conspicuous cultural trait among New Yorkers is their work ethic. The Capital of The World ranks among the busiest places on earth as seen in its army of ever-industrious residents rushing about while attending to their business. Hollywood has made this trait world-famous in countless films portraying the hectic Big Apple streets. If you are easygoing and prefer a laid-back culture, then New York is probably not the place for you.
If you look much carefully, you will see a vibrant diversity of ethnicity and origin. Some of the more prominent residents of Five Boroughs include Italian Americans, Irish Americans and Jewish Americans. Italian Americans are famous for their culinary prowess, the culmination of 2,000 years of gastronomic experimentation. As a result, they often own good restaurants that produce the best food in New York. Irish Americans have profoundly influenced the blue-collar identity of the Big Apple worker, joining the ranks of the workers who labored in New York’s industries after immigration from Europe. They also joined workers unions in droves and shaped the labor movement in America. Jewish Americans have had a deep preference for white-collar jobs, especially in the financial sector, bringing the rigorous work ethic grounded on their religious ethos to these areas.

Street Parades

Street Parades in New York
The ethnic diversity among New York residents frequently manifests itself in colorful street parades that celebrate the different outlooks that residents cherish. Cultural pride is an essential part of life for residents of the most populated city in America. Nevertheless, despite the differences in background or ancestry, New Yorkers have somehow evolved a unique English accent that is all their own.
‘Brooklynese’ or ‘New Yorkese’ English is the predominant manner of speech in the Big Apple and so distinctive that you can tell it apart just like the Texas or Alabama accent.
Coupled with the distinct accent is an assertive attitude that has ensured this narrow strip of land has produced a disproportionate number of artists and sports stars compared to the rest of the US. New York has highly developed sectors in the Arts (both visual and musical), Film, Literature (Comic books and Novels), Sports and theatrical works (including Dance, Plays, and comedy). These employ some of America’s most prominent celebrities such as Denzel Washington, Jerry Seinfeld, Alicia Keys and Kareem Abdul Jabaar. Many consider the ‘New Yorker Attitude’ the fire that pushes such great Americans to the top of their professions. is a prominent website that thankfully organizes all types of tours for those who want to experience New York City in its unfiltered and daring glory. If you are an adventurous type and want to undertake an interactive New York tours, some of the best attractions you can seek out include Montauk Point Lighthouse, Brooklyn Bridge, and Yaddo Gardens. The website has all sorts of tour packages including bus tours, helicopter tours, walking, boat, bike and group toursAvail the bike tours in the New York City at as low as $15 using City Sights NY Coupons.

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Statue of liberty

When you finally get a chance to visit the Big Apple, ensure you check out the most important New York tourist attractions including the Statue of Liberty, Fifth Avenue, Broadway, The Rockefeller Centre and many others. Several service providers facilitate tours and take you to key places that would undoubtedly remain etched in your memory. offers a convenient way of visiting the comprehensive list of attractions in NewYork with the help of New York Pass. The site not only gives you a sightseeing pass and discounts of up to 70 % on your expenses but also bundles many other bonuses onto your visit including free entry to tens of attractions, fast-track entry, and many other benefits. The more attractions you visit, the higher can be the benefits of using the New York City explorer pass. The New York sightseeing passes cover up to 90+ attractions in the city to save your time and money and is the most preferred way of visiting the glorious place.  Get $40 off on 3-days New York Pass ticket using New York Pass Coupons.

Tourist attractions 

Central Park in New York

An attraction that definitely ranks among the top five attractions in New York is Central Park, sometimes described as New Yorkers’ playground right in the center of the city. This 800-acre chunk of nature comprises trees, water bodies and other amenities that you can visit to calm your nerves and while enjoying the scenery. Full of green spaces such as the Lake, the Pond, the Strawberry Fields, the Reservoir and the Central Park Zoo, this recreation zone is the perfect destination for a day outdoors, especially in the summer.

www. specializes in tours of the great park, offering services like horse carriage tours, bike rentals, horseback riding, picnics, walking tours and roller-blade rentals. Alternatively, you could just do a picnic with a friend, chase a waterfall or stroll around without spending a cent. Save 50% on Central Park bike tour using exclusive Centralpark Sightseeing Coupons.


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New York is more than an ethnically, racially and socially diverse city; a veritable melting pot, it is also a home to numerous attractions and landmarks that celebrate people and events. The heritage stretches back over 400 years, ever since the Dutch first settled on it after purchasing portions from Native Americans who were the original inhabitants.
This diversity in origin, culture, and environment has birthed an atmosphere that catalyzes productivity in thought and action, creating one of the most inventive cities on earth. It is no coincidence that hip-hop music, punk rock, disco and many other genres of art originated from the Big Apple. It is no accident that Wall Street is based in the Capital of The World.

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