What Makes Money Robot Submitter the Best SEO Software?

Seo software can reduce the amount of work load involved in accounts creation, emails confirmation, and timely contents submission to thousands of websites. Are you ready?

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Web site owners’ woes are many. Millions of sites are offering competitive products and services. All want to be in the first page of Google. They want to increase productivity through seo ranking. They want high speed submission and want fast results for their content marketing. Digital marketing companies also have similar issues as they are responsible for the seo ranking of their clients as individual site owners find it difficult to get top ranking on their own.


It is at this stage digital marketer’s look for miracle solutions to somehow widen their audience, achieve sales conversion and edge out their competitors from the market. Even if some are smart marketers they face issues like duplicate content penalties and want to avoid the same with the aid of SEO software. Another issue big companies face is in marketing their blogs, as however rich the content is, results are not according to their expectations. In that scenario, they begin to search for the best Blog Manager software.

Your Digital Marketing Requires More Teeth

content marketing

Yes, heated competition has taken a toll and marketing requires more teeth with the help of seo automation software. Sensing this market dynamics some IT vendors has released seo automation tools. Money Robot is one such company offering Money Robot Submitter software for businesses of all sizes. This company’s parent company softtechsrl.com has been in existence since 2002.

To make a purchasing decision we need to find their features and what the users tell about them. Our search should be on the types of search engine optimization they do for businesses.

Automating SEO/Link Building!

Without link building no off page optimization. Herein lays the strength of Money Robot Submitter completely automating unlimited number of links thereby increasing traffic. If you are looking for easy link building campaign then there is a reason to buy this software.

Fast Content Submission

content submission

As time is premium site owners have a concern for swift submission of content. How is this possible? Money Robot has multithreading features for high speed submission. Since this is automated, you don’t need to press many buttons for this process. You can avail smart features like automatic account creation and activation of the emails.

Backlink Monitoring

Backlink monitoring

Managing back links for sales conversion is another challenge site owners face. Hold on, you can find intelligent features with Money Robot Submitter with which you can manage and track all live back links including your anchor texts with the speed of nearly 500 threads per second. Finding useful, then you can make a purchasing decision.

Do You want Regular Web site Updates?

To survive in competition you need to have information on emerging websites that pose a threat to you. How useful it will be, if you get regular updates on them so that you can tweak your strategies. The advantage you find here is you will receive new websites lists daily. Money Robot Submitter has the relevant tools to find new website helping you submit content automatically. Does this sound good? If the answer is yes, then go for this software.

website updates

Money Robot Software has stunning features to claim as the best seo software. They are offering monthly subscription plans ($67) as well as onetime fee for lifetime license at $497. Do you feel this pricey. Be smart, and buy this with Money Robot Submitter Coupons or Money Robot Submitter promo codes. With this you can conserve cash. Ultimately, you will have the last laugh of outwitting your competitors in the digital marketing space.

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Vitamin Absorption through Vitamin Infused Tea!

Few like to skip their morning tea and people who love variety in tea will appreciate tea/coffee that is nutrition rich. It is this gap Vitacup store trying to fill.

vitamin tea and coffee

Who is not interested in having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning? In the beverage category we can find refreshing drinks, stimulating drinks, and nourishing drinks. We consider tea as a stimulating drink providing us the necessary enthusiasm to start our very day. Some of us may think about tea’s graduation as a nourishing drink. They have in mind easy way of supplement or vitamin intake with their favorite drink in the morning that can give them added strength than just stimulation. It is in this context a few tea stores making extensive research to supply vitamin infused teas.

Who is Vitacup.com?

Vitacup coffee

Vitacup.com is an online that has gone great lengths in infusing the vital vitamins and supplements in the everyday tea or coffee. Vitacup is the brainchild of Brandon Fishman who was deficient in vitamins B1 and B12 prior to his entry into the tea/coffee making business. In his research 40% of the US population is deficient in Vitamin B12. This is one of the reasons to launch VitaCup in 2017 to fulfill his mission of providing people a delicious way of daily vitamin intake.

Try Performance Tea

performance tea

There is a saying, ‘a bitter pill to swallow’, as few are interested in consuming pills as such. In such a scenario, tea with antioxidants we are having on an everyday basis will be of immense help for protein absorption as well as shedding excess fat over the abdomen. Yes, this is the scenario what Vitacup is unraveling. Yes, we all need tea with essential vitamins or performance tea. One thing is sure; if premium tea/coffee can combine nutrients as well as taste or flavor that can shatter the beverage markets.

Know the Ingredients

When arguments go in these directions, the general public will have the curiosity to learn about the products of Vitacup and its ingredients. It is into these areas we need to dig deeper for more information.

Try French Roast

French Roast

VitaCup’s French Roast has contains B1 (Thiamine), D3, B5, B6, B9 (Folic Acid), B12, and Antioxidants. Now, know the facts. These vital vitamins supports adrenal health, reduce inflammation, and helps in achieving weight loss. Are you convinced about the vitamin presence, do you want to get those health benefits? Then go for this product $25. In this store, you can save more if you buy more. Buy with VitaCup Coupons and save 10%.

Tea Pod is Rich in Vitamins

Tea pod green tea

Another important product of this store is Tea Pod: Green Tea that includes Moringa, Matcha, and the blend of B1, B5, B6, B9, B12 and D3 vitamins. Do you feel you are deficient of these vitamins? Then buy this tea for energy at $25. Don’t forget to use VitaCup Promo Code: Vita10 to avail 10% discounts.

Try Coffee Pod: French Vanilla

French vanilla

Do you want to know the magic of sweet vanilla and dark coffee roast? Coffee Pod: French Vanilla is the signature product of Vitacup that contains formulation of B1 (Thiamine), B5, B6, B9 (Folic Acid), Antioxidants, B12 & D3. You might have about this and you want to try this for the first time. Hold on, you are eligible for discounts. Get 10% off your first purchase with Vitacup Promo Code: Vita10.

Tea in New Avatar for Taste and Wellness

Vitamin tea

Earlier tea or coffee was just a stimulant. Now, the new avatar is about infusing nutritional supplements. It is in this context, Vitacup.com is expanding its market pie with excellent morning tea or coffee with vitamin infused tea.

Yes, we all need to tea in varieties. In fact, a store like Vitacup is promoting wellness with supplying tea/coffee with essential vitamins. Have them for taste and wellness.

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Flower Pots Brings Magnificence to Patio and Garden

Home garden ideas are aplenty. Explore creative pot and plants ideas to add beauty to your existing garden. Take a look at the new products of Mypotsandplanters.

garden ideas

Is planting also undergoing change? We live in the age of disruption where old structures, methods, and approaches are being replaced by new ideas. Planting is a hobby for many in the US, and the traditional planters may wonder how changes being crept into indoor and outdoor planting. There are existing planters who are looking for giving a new appeal to their garden. At the same time, there are aspiring planters who want to make this as their hobby purely due to love for the environment and personal satisfaction.

Pot and Plant Ideas from Mypotsandplanters.com

Creative garden ideas

Hobbyists who are plant lovers have a passion for getting good remarks about their gardens. It is at this stage you require new pots and plants ideas. Yes, the disruption in planting comes in the form of unique designs like big flower pots, hanging planter, decorative flower pots, steel, aluminum planters and beds, hanging planters, etc. Some stores catering to planting are providing planting ideas. Mypotsandplanters.com is one such store that has been providing container garden needs for years together. This store has over 30 years of experience in this field.

Get all from One Stop Shop

creative pot plant

Well, it is good to know about this store. But plant lovers may think, why it is necessary to deal with this store. Can one do all these by self? Yes, it is important to know whether self-reliance is ok or not. Otherwise one can consider taking recourse to a professional indoor planter having expertise in container garden needs.  Herein comes the relevance of My Pots and Planters store as they are a one-stop shop where planters can buy soils, fertilizers, stands and even beautiful live plants. Here your time and efforts are saved.

Decorate with The Trellis Umbrella Planter


The next important thing you may consider for professional help is innovation. Disruption takes place everywhere, and it is time you can think about showcasing your creative side on planting. You know pretty well the presentation is more important than anything. You can enhance the appeal of your garden with decorative planters. My Pots and Planters store has unique ideas to win laurels. For example, The Trellis Umbrella Planter is a masterpiece planter to decorate your garden. Cultivate fresh herbs or flowers in this two-piece umbrella planter. This product is available for $64.95. Buy this planter and showcase your creative instincts.

Metallic SPAN planter

Metallic SPAN planter

You have a balcony, and want to have a medicinal plant there so that you can pick leaves or stems on and off. A planter in rectangular shape will add decorative values to your home. It is at this stage you need an innovative planter idea. Metallic SPAN planter is the perfect addition to any balcony, deck or patio. It is tall, sleek, durable, and decorative. Interested, buy this for $249.99. Feeling this is a bit pricey, then buy with My Pots and Planters coupon and coupon code. You can avail flat 20% off. Isn’t it a real saving?

Hold on, if you are after aesthetic values, then try options like:

  • Japanese Bowl Planter ($329.99)
  • Contemporary Tall Planter ($124.99)

pot plant

The Bottomline

These are just tip of the iceberg. When it comes to creativity, My Pots and Planters are second to none providing a full array of options for the plant lovers. Ultimately, the plant lovers need to consider criteria like availability of innovative products, sourcing capability of plants and its accessories. In all these counts, My Pots and Planters store has good leads. That is why exactly you should shop from this store for pleasure and profit. Don’t forget to buy with My Pots and Planters coupons and My Pots and Planters promo codes to avail good discounts.


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