Promote Workplace Wellness with Trainer Certifications

To boost workplace morale, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity corporate need wellness programs. Here comes the importance of Trainer Certifications. Are you ready?

Wellness trends

How job opportunities are shrinking is a matter is a discussion. As US economy showing no big signs of recovery finding gainful employment for the millions of qualified professionals is no cakewalk. The global economy is facing economic uncertainties, and this has its reflections on the job front also.

You Need a Career Option

ACE credibility

Let me tell you something. In the economy, we can find many rise and fall. For example, the Dotcom was a trend in the nineties, but it busted. We may think one segment is a sunshine sector. But sooner we realize, its prospects got saturated. We have seen many trends in the industry, and one big trend we witnessed was the rise of IT in aiding business at the same time creating millions of job opportunities. But thanks to increasing automation and excess supply of job aspirants in all sectors jobs are shrinking making people think about an alternative career. One such opportunity is a career in the fitness space. We see the rise and decline of many trends be it Information Technology or real estate. According to latest estimates wellness is the trillion dollar industry of 2017.

What is the Credibility of ACE Fitness?

Sensing the big bucks involved in the wellness space, many companies have jumped on wellness bandwagon. ACE Fitness is one such player known for ACE personal training, ACE personal training certification, ACE exercise, ace physical therapy, etc. Founded in 1985, ACE (American Council on Exercise) has the distinction of producing over 70,000 certified professionals globally. At this point, we need to check whether they got a job or not. Isn’t it?

Why Fitness Certification?

Wellness induced briskness

Before buying a product, it is always appropriate that you should do your market research on the utility of the certification. With 117 million people in the US have more than one chronic health there is an increasing need to make people healthier through medications, diet, nutrition intake, workouts, etc. For that certified professional are required. The credibility of ACE Fitness is in the fact that their professionals work at gyms, workplace wellness departments, hospitals, and universities in 83 countries worldwide.

Now the question is where the opportunity lies? Lifestyle induced maladies like weight gain, cholesterol, smoking, drinking, and short exercise routines make them call for expert help. Who are the experts to help them? Yes, they are the ACE personal trainers who extend online personal training to help people gain their health. ACE has networked with hundreds of physicians or specialists to convert doctors’ recommendations into actionable results.

ACE Infrastructure Edge

As ACE has established networks with businesses, education institutes, and NGOs it is natural that they can place their new, certified trainers on their networks. According to The latest U.S. Department of Labor statistics, state employment opportunities for personal trainers and group fitness instructors are expected to rise to 13% in the coming five years.

Fitness advantages

Cost and Competitors

Why not a career uplift as Certified Personal Trainer? ACE Fitness Certifications Personal Trainer Certification is one among the top five certifications. National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Their Premium Plus is available for $699. They also have Premium and Standard pack at $649. One criticism we can find in reviews is about the high cost involved in their certification. I can blunt this criticism with their discount offers. Register with ACE Fitness Coupon Codes and ACE Fitness Promo Codes so that you can reduce the cost of certification.

Fitness activities

Choose a certification from choices like Personal Trainer Certification, Group Fitness Instructor Certification, and Health Coach Certification. These are ideal for the corporate sector. Remember the corporate sector is after wellness and your certification will fit into their requirements.

Two competitors of ACE are NASM and ACSM. In that NASM has fewer pass rate compared to ACE. Some gyms even have a policy of absorbing NASM or ACSM fitness certification professionals. But, what we need to understand here is people look for a career in education institutes, offices, medical institutions, etc.

Fitness certifications

ACE Fitness has 30 years of market presence, and their extensive network helps the certified professionals to launch a career in the corporate and NGO sectors.

The Bottom line

Now, connect this with the track record of ACE Fitness in placing more than 70K professionals globally. What is more important is not tougher tests, but helping students to gain certification, get an internship with many organizations. It is in this area; ACE Fitness scores high over its competitors due to its sheer network capabilities and quality academic curriculum although it is pricey. So, one can take a bold decision to go for their certification.


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