Ways to Save Money and the Planet with Refurbished Electronics

Last updated on April 27th, 2018

Know How buying Refurbished Electronics good for your wallet and for the planet

Refurbished Electronics

What Is Refurbished And Types Of Refurbished?

Have you ever thought of buying refurbished electronics products? If you have, you might be wondering what exactly refurbished definition is. Well, it is very simple. A refurbished product is simply one which has been returned by the buyer. Buyers may return products either to the seller or manufacturer for a number of reasons. Either the product was faulty, damaged, not well-packaged or he or she simply changed her mind. From the refurbished definition, it is clear that there are two types of refurbishes, namely: manufacturer refurbished and seller refurbished.

What Is Manufacturer Refurbished vs Seller Refurbished?

A manufacturer refurbished product is one which was returned directly to the manufacturer. Any faults are damages will be addressed by the manufacturer, before the product is cleaned and its software reset to factory settings. A seller refurbished product, on the other hand, is one which was returned to the seller. What that means is that all the necessary repairs would be done by the seller. No matter the type of refurbishment done to a product, you can be sure that it will be as good as new when you buy it.

How Save the planet using Refurbished?

 Save the planet
Did you know that using refurbished electronics is tantamount to saving the world? Electronic waste is a great menace the world over. When you buy refurbished, it means you are helping to reduce the amount of electronic waste being through around. You will be happier and the planet will be safe.

List of Top Refurbished Electronic Products

If you have been considering buying refurbished electronics, it is the best way to save on your day-to-day electronic items. What you get are items that are as good as new at a bargain price. On most electronics, you can save between 15 percent and 30 percent. The following are the most common refurbished electronics:

• Refurbished laptops

Some of the most popular items are refurbished laptops for sale. Whether they are from Apple, HP or Lenovo, they are as good as new and come with a 1-year warranty.

• Refurbished mobiles

Refurbished mobiles for sale are a great bargain for anyone looking for a great phone on a budget. After being refurbished, the phones are as good as new. For example, you can buy a refurbished iPhone lower by up to 30 percent of a new one.

• Refurbished televisions

 Did you know that a refurbished TV for sale is a great way of saving on your electronics purchases? Most of these products come with a 90-day warranty.

• Refurbished tablets

 If you are looking for refurbished tablets for sale, Apple is one of the biggest brands to consider. Another big hit is the Lenovo tablet. Apple offers a 1-year warranty on all refurbished products.

• Refurbished camera

 You don’t really have to spend your hard-earned cash to buy a brand new camera. Brands such as Canon and Nikon are offering refurbished cameras for sale on most of the popular online stores. It is possible for you to get high-quality products at bargain prices.

List of Top Stores to Buy Refurbished Electronics

If you cannot buy refurbished electronics directly from the manufacturer, you should consider buying from your favorite online store. The following are some of the stores where you can buy refurbished electronics.

• Best Buy

Did you know that with Best Buy refurbished you get a clear definition of what you are buying? If anything, they give a clear distinction between refurbished items and those returned unused. If you get the Best Buy refurbished MacBook, look out for the requisite certification. The apple watch refurbished best buy, as well as the other items, comes with a warranty of between 90 days and 1 year.

• Amazon

You will find Amazon certified refurbished products through Amazon Warehouse Deals. All the refurbished laptops on Amazon are first tested before being graded in line with their condition. You will also get refurbished tablets and computers on Amazon.

• Walmart

walmartOn this online store, you will get Walmart refurbished laptops from various manufacturers including Lenovo, Apple, and HP. Some of the available things include Walmart refurbished TV sets with the biggest brand being Samsung.

• Newegg

neweggIf you are looking for Newegg refurbished laptops, expect to get them through short sales and short deals. Also available are Newegg refurbished desktop computers which are sourced directly from actual retailers. Ours is to connect you with the real deals.


You will find great deals on with this online retailers if what you are looking for are refurbished laptops and desktops.

• Refurb.io

Here is the other online retailer where you will find refurbished laptops, desktops, and tablets. If you are looking for quality goods at a cheaper price, this is the place to come.

List of Top Brands to Buy Refurbished Electronics

The number of brands selling refurbished electronic products is as many as their manufacturers. They include the following:

• Apple

They have a variety of products including a refurbished MacBook as well as a refurbished iPhone. If you missed on the latest iPhone, you can save up to 30 percent on the price of new devices. You will get a 1-year warranty on these products.

• HP

If you are looking for an HP refurbished laptop, you are likely to get it in any of the online stores. Also available are HP refurbished printers. The warranty runs for up to 1 year.

• Lenovo

Lenovo refurbished laptops are some of the most sought-after electronics. But that is not all since they also have Lenovo refurbished tablets. These products will work just like the new ones.

• Samsung

This company has an array of products. The most popular are the Samsung refurbished phones. At a bargain price, you will get a phone that is as good as a new one. Don’t forget that Samsung refurbished TV sets are also a big hit.

• Nikon

Here is one of the places you can find tested and certified refurbished products. They include Nikon refurbished camera as well as refurbished DSLR. Each of the products comes with a 90-day warranty.

• Canon

If you are a professional photographer looking for a good camera, try Canon. On offer is an assortment of refurbished Canon cameras at a bargain price. Check on the popular outlets for great deals.
You don’t have to buy a new laptop, desktop, camera, printer or tablet? Refurbished electronics cost less but they are as good as new. Save money by buying these products.

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