The Shift: Creating Clean Bums with Portable Bidet

Last updated on September 6th, 2017

Environmental concerns and health care anxieties prod a social entrepreneur team to work towards toilet updating.

Mikky agarwal

A crusade is going on to clean the butt by a social entrepreneur by Miki Agarwal. She is the 2017 Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum. What is her crusade? How is she trying to accomplish her vision? Is this fun or a revolution centered on a cause? By going into details only, we can find out whether this is a publicity stunt or a disruptive innovation. Let us verify.

Innovation to Save Water

save water

There must be a reason for one to start an entrepreneurship or launch an offensive. For example, falling of apple led Sir Issac Newton to discover the law of gravitation. is a startup floated by Miki has something against the toilet paper roll. According to research, it takes 37 gallons of water to make one toilet paper roll. Unconcerned water users use 1.5 rolls per week. At a time when the population is rising wastage of water creates big issues as all nations face acute water shortage. This makes many think what can be the remedy.

Are Toilet Papers Villains?

toilet papers has answers for that. This company’s product Tushy uses a 1/8th gallon of water per motion. This means Americans spend more on toilet paper than any other country where the annual cost is 437 billion gallons of water (to press the paper down), 253,000 tons of bleach leading to the loss of 15 million trees. Now think, who is one of the villains behind carbon footprint? The answer is TP roll. Does this mean that one can avoid using TP roll and be complacent with the dirty butt? No, there must be another alternative for butt cleansing. It is on this front, team takes up the role of toilet crusaders.

A Bum Clean Solution with Tushy Power Washer

Tushy power washer

Yes, we all need clean bums. So, against what this store leads a crusade. For that Tushy pitches for a significant culture shift in the US so that the rest of the world agrees. Team Tushy wants citizens to stop wiping your butt and start washing with Tushy, a device that easily attaches to the toilet and sprays the bottom squeaky clean. Tushy is an alternative to TP roll that fits all standard toilets and some one-piece toilets. It doesn’t require electricity or plumbing. Tushy installs in 10 minutes. What one has to do is just unscrew the toilet seat, pop the Tushy on, connect to water, and the bum cleaning is done.

Want to know about its functioning more. Tushy works with the pressure control by giving the user to move from gentle butt spritz to power washer. It has a bidet attachment that connects to your toilet.

TP Rolls and Health Concerns


Are you an environmentalist or committed to a green cause. If so, you have all reasons to join the Tushy crusade. This product starts at $69. Now a caution from Team Tushy; wiping with dry paper causes nearly 30 million annual cases of UTIs, yeast infections, anal fissures, anal itching, etc. If you are ok with all these, you can still use toilet paper rolls. On the other hand, if you want to bring about a change towards environmental causes or timely action for healthcare, join Tushy bandwagon and buy Tushy products. If you feel their products are costly, you can avail discounts with Tushy Coupons and Tushy Promo Codes.

Using Tushy for Your Health and Environment

health and environment

While considering a host of factors the thinking community can come to a conclusion that Tushy is doing a good job through disruptive innovation. Yes, removing fecal matters under your butt is a good thing for you and the environment. Therefore, effectuate an attitudinal shift; create clean bums with Portable Bidet.

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