Two Theme Parks You Can’t Forego in Mexico ‘n’ Oceania

Amusement parks that give a glimpse of Caribbean, Polynesian culture

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An amusement park is essentially a hub for various aspects of entertainment, such as games or rides. A theme park, on the other hand, is a kind of an amusement park, which has a central theme, with structures and attractions built around that particular premise. Once people began to comprehend the importance of culture, the theme-based amusement parks came into the picture; such as picnic zones in Europe in 1946. Theme parks are long lasting, hence stationary. Mexico and Polynesia are two fascinating cultures, which have attracted many tourists since ages. In this blog, we would elicit many exciting facts about the theme parks built around these two outstanding cultures.

How to enjoy being a tourist in Cancun, Riviera Maya with

Xcater Experiencias

Xcaret Experiencias is all about delivering an outstanding experience to the tourists visiting Mexico. They offer the most authentic glimpse into the Mexican culture with its parks and tours in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Experiencias Xcaret theme park offers end to end fun and amusement

Xcaret Cancun: In the Mexican culture theme park of, one would encounter archeological parks, adventure, aquatic, legendary landmarks, and touring ancient sites. Local food and drinks are well prepared and served deliciously. All kinds of people, all ages, can attend such places by purchasing the Xcaret Cancun tickets. Xcaret, rich in Mexican history and cultural tradition, provides a majestic paradise, and the alluring aquatic park located on the clear Caribbean Sea gives a warm welcome to the tour.

Xcaret, Mexico

A comfortable transportation, which considers the ultimate safety of the customers, is offered to the tourists from the hotels to the combo tour. Transportation is economical and enjoyable as it is safe too. Upon admission into Xcaret, you can get a direct entry to one of the Yucatan’s top attractions. One can witness the culture, nature, and history in their original forms in all the 40 attractions. The history, culture, and life describe how the place has been since its emergence. There is also Jaguar Island with the equestrian show, which is perfect for families.

Xel-Ha: The Xel-Ha has the world’s most beautiful natural aquarium. Xel-Ha gives well-organized scenery of exotic flora and tropical fish. The Xel-Ha offers a customer-centric pick-up from your Cancun hotel early in the morning for the around-the-park tour. Xel-Ha Park is located at an inlet in Riviera Maya. You can cycle, trek, or ride a tram to the peak of the river with the help of a track from the primary radar, controlled by the security team. There is an inner tube and floating past mangrove on your way to the top part, which ensures you row past that point carefully, though your safety is fully guaranteed. You can enjoy the sunscreen, relaxed environment, tropical birds, and Iguana.

Xel-Ha, Mexico

In Xel-Ha Park, an all-inclusive, admission is made to have a fun-filled day. There are more than twenty attractions, including caves, zip lines, and Cenotes. The Xplor Park access enables one to drive an amphibious vehicle, to have a view of tamed animals, from which you learn more.

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Xplor Cancun: It offers the best jungle experience to soar through. The last leg is to provide relaxation to the visitors by offering traditional foods and drinks while they enjoy the excellent scenery. It’s a magnificent park which imbibes the ancient history of Mexico.

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Enliven the enthralling Polynesian traditions at Polynesian Cultural Center

Polynesian Cultural Center

It is sinful to visit the island nations of Polynesia and not visit the Polynesian Cultural Center. offers immersive cultural demonstrations of all the islands in Polynesia. The moment you enter the gates of the Polynesian Cultural Center, one would find a 4D IMAX Theater. Right from the seats in the theater, the theme park is designed to maximize the comfort of the visitors.

The theme park is reminiscent of the actual Polynesian nations, featuring the host of villages; each village from a Polynesian island of Hawaii, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga and Rapa Nui.

Entertaining 4D IMAX Theatre experience

Polynesian Cultural Center

One can use a tram or a canoe to tour the place instead or after the movie. If you opt to watch the film, you can as well have an order placed for a pig roast or any other regional foods. They serve the beverages alongside the splash of entertainment. Visitors can wear the traditional attires if interested. Time is vital for the visitors; as at exactly six in the evening, the theme park closes, and all the tourists go back to their resting places.

Transport in the Polynesian fun park

Canoes in Polynesian Cultural Center

Either canoes or trams are the only means to take the visitors to the destined places. Safety is guaranteed to the tourists, with good sceneries to watch from the kayaks. The most exquisite view of the tropical fish along the river has been the most amazing experience of the visitors ever since.

Code of conduct at the Polynesian adventure park

The Polynesian Cultural Center does not allow the intake of alcohol or any other alcoholic beverages. Smoking too is strictly not welcomed in the zone. The place is ideal for unlimited fun only minus drugs usage.

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