Valentine’s Day Meal Hacks


Valentine’s Day comes early this year and as you wait for this day, here are some meal tips that you and your significant other can enjoy. This is the most romantic day in the calendar, and everything from food to the clothes you wear must be in the romance mood.

Cooked meals are better than home foods. 

The best meals for your valentine date are those that you will be able to make yourself or with your lover. There are several recipes to try, but as much as you would like to stick to the usual valentine day meals, you should also consider the favorite meals of your lover. You can try lamb or beef steak along with smashed potatoes and salad dish for example if your lover is a fun of these foods. Red wine will be the icing on the cake, complementing the red meat. If he or she is a fan of Italian cuisine, you can make a pasta dish of your choice, add Italian bread and salad, and complete the meal with wine. Whichever meal you make; it should be three-course.

Cook in-the-mood foods. 

You are in the romantic mood, so cook romantic foods. Specifically, go for chocolate inspired desserts. Chocolate covered strawberries are a good example here. Other examples include brownie tart, chocolate sheet cake, and chocolate layer cake, to name but a few. If you can prepare Flirtini cocktail, then why not try it? You can look for ideas online if you get stuck. These desserts will add pleasure and satisfaction to your lover as if the Heavenly angels have already shown them the direct way to Paradise.

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Simple meals. 

It is good to be both adventurous and kinky during Valentine’s Day, but simple meals like lasagna, Caesar salads, fried chicken and mashed potatoes are great for this day. They are both delicious and easy to prepare. This is not the time to cook the foods you have never cooked or to implement the ideas of your friends. It is a time to prepare what you love to eat and what is romantic to you. Once your meal is ready, whipping out candle sticks around it rather than switching on the lights will add color to the already good package.


Make enough food for both of you. 

Cooking too little food will be a big mistake. Cook food that is either just enough for the two of you or more. At this time, you already know how much food your lover eats so you should prepare more than the average intake, just in case he or she has more appetite for food on that day.

In summary, food is very important on Valentine’s Day. Some people spent a lot of money buying gifts and forget to buy or cook good food for their loved ones. Food should actually be the priority since it will set you in the mood. It is worth noting that Valentine food is not just any food. It should be centered on the favorite food items for your lover and romantic food items.

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