What Are Walmart Rollback Prices & How Can They Help You?


Walmart is always trying to provide the lowest prices. They don’t always win the price wars, but they do much of the time, that’s for sure. They likely have monopolized the market in many ways, but who is complaining when everything is so expensive these days? Walmart’s low prices can be found everywhere throughout the stores and online, but the lowest prices are going to usually be on products whose prices have been rolled back. That means that Walmart is providing a big discount on those products.

As a former employee of Walmart, I can tell you that the department managers are constantly working on rollbacks. Rollbacks are often featured on end caps and have different pricing labels so that they are noticed by consumers. Rollback prices can be for popular products, clearance products and more.

Don’t confuse rollback prices with clearance prices, however, as Walmart handles clearance sales a little differently.

What’s classified as a rollback price or a clearance price is sometimes merely a matter of classification though. I worked in three different departments, which were electronics, hardware and the garden center. Out of those three, it was the garden center that was always rolling back prices the most often. Why? I would guess that it had to do with the seasonal inventory.

It’s not just the department managers that have to deal with the rollbacks. They are just in charge of their respective departments. Associates that work in each department also have to help get everything organized and handle the pricing changes. Displays, end caps, shelves and pricing labels must be set up accordingly.

Rollback prices will be featured by Walmart in different ways. Before people commonly shopped online, you could find them in fliers, enticing customers to check out those particular products. Sometimes rollback prices can be offered on products that might not be in season at the time, but hey, that’s smart shopping.

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I remember when I used to work in the garden center, discounts were available on all of the Christmas decorations after the end of the season. People are usually so ready to quit looking at Christmas stuff that many of them won’t buy at a discount when the season is over. However, there are still plenty of people that do. When you’re in Walmart, do you check the rollback prices?

Another thing you need to know about these special discounts is that some of them are bigger than others. You might find a rollback price that isn’t much lower than what the product cost in the first place. Or, you might find a rollback price on a product that still costs more than the competition. I would, however, say that it is rare for that to happen. Walmart’s original prices are often lower than the competition, much less their rollback prices.

Make sure you still look at the type of discount you’re going to get. As with any type of discount or sale, don’t buy just to buy. You want to buy because you need that product. Walmart is rolling back prices on tons of products each and every day. You just need to look for those prices according to your shopping list. If you do see something that isn’t on your shopping list, it’s fine to buy if you really need that particular product.

Just be careful because you don’t want Walmart’s scheme of sales every day via rollback prices to actually cause you to spend even more money. You’ll see these prices over and over again on different products now that you know what they are. Get ready to see what discounts you can get on your favorite products.

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