Want to Save on Rental Cars? Here it’s How!

Save on Rental Cars – Best 20 Tips for Saving on Rental Cars

Save on Rental Cars

It is unfortunate that most people do not shop for car rental deals and pick the first company that comes to mind. You can still get good car rental deals if you follow the tips below to save on Rental Cars. Prices vary from time to time and the location of the company. There are several factors that go into pricing and the factors vary from one car rental company to the other.


1. Take advantage of the car loyalty rewards program

If you rent cars on a regular basis, look for a company with a competitive car loyalty reward program. You can determine this by the rewards offered for a certain number of points you accumulate. Use the service regularly and earn points. You can then redeem the points for discounts.

2. Search for promo codes and special offers

Search for coupons and discounts on sites such as CouponToPay.com or just type the name of your preferred car rental company and add the word coupon code and see what comes up. Some companies allow you combine coupon and discount codes too. Check below to find the best deals for you.

3. Rent on weekends

Most rental companies do not have high traffic during weekends. If you can postpone your trip to the weekend, do so to enjoy the special rates offered on the weekends.

4. Bundle up services (such as flight-car-rental packages)

There are travel agents that offer bundled up services to customers traveling to a different city or country. The bundled services are cheaper than the sum total of the services when each is procured separately.
 flight car rental and hotel deals

5. Compare prices

Do not pick the first rental company that comes to mind. Contact a few and compare their offers versus the services. Pick the one that offers the best value for your money.

6. Prepay to save

Prices go up at you near the festive season or holidays. You can save on your car rental if you pay well in advance before the prices go up.

7. Opt out of the insurance you do not need

You may be duplicating your insurance coverage when you purchase extra rental cover. Check with your insurance cover provider and the credit company for the coverage. Only purchase extra cover if it is absolutely necessary and not covered by the two.

8. Check sneaky fees

Ask for a breakdown of the rental charges. Ensure that you understand every cost in the list. Some rental firms have hidden fees only explained in the fine print. Steer clear of such firms.

9. Check your credit card

Apart from offering coverage when used in rental car payments, some credit card companies allow you to redeem loyalty points for rides with select car companies. Check if your card has such an arrangement with a rental company.

10. Avoid the airport

Due to the high demand for rental cars at the airport, rental companies around the airport are more expensive than their far-from-the-airport counterparts. Where possible go for companies away from the airport.

11. Fill up the gas tank

Fill up your gas tank at the start of your trip. You tend to spend more when you stop to add some more gas. In addition, there are countries where pump prices vary from one area to another.

12. Avoid returning the car late

Most rental companies will charge a penalty for returning the car late. Avoid these penalties by returning the car way before the agreed time.

13. Negotiate and ask for discounts

Most rental firms are willing to come down if you only negotiate for better deals. Do not just pay and pick the car keys, ask if they can match a cheaper provider or give you a discount.

14. Choose service with low operating costs

Pick a rental service does not charge for several add-ons on the side such as navigation, expensive road support and such. It saves you from having to any more on top of your agreed price.

15. Leverage memberships

Are you a member of a frequent flier program, a veteran organization or roadside recovery program? Most of these companies offer discounts up to 10 percent or more when you hire a rental car from select rental firms. Take advantage of the offers and save.

16. Stick to one driver

Most rental companies will charge you more if you list more than one driver in the contract. If the trip is not very long, just have one driver for the entire trip.

17. Avoid renting GPS when you can use Waze or Google Maps on your phone

GPS is the ultimate navigation tool bur comes at a price when using the rental car. You can use Google maps or Waze on your phone to find your way around.

18. Know the toll transponder

Do not fall a victim to high toll charges and service fees associated with toll stations by knowing the amounts charged for the cashless toll payments or avoiding the toll roads altogether by planning the trip beforehand.

19. Book the journey online

Most rental companies give additional discounts for booking your rental car online. You can compare prices fast and saves you the hustle of having to visit the rental company offices.

20. Track rates using Autoslash

Autoslash continually tracks the lowest rates across different rental companies. You can also use it to search for coupons and book directly on the website. It applies discounts available at the moment.
Save on rental cars for your next trip using the above tips!

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