What to Buy (and Not to Buy) in June

Best tips to know what to buy and avoid in June


With April sales behind us and the end of spring rapidly approaching, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming season. Summer is definitely our favorite season, and it has so much to offer. Still, it’s no secret that it can quickly drain our wallets, so it’s especially important to shop smartly. In order to help you get everything you need in time and for the best possible price, here is our list of what to buy in June!

Dishes and dinnerware

Some of the best stuff to buy in June are definitely dishes and dinnerware. Some crazy sales are expected as the wedding season peaks in this warm, but not yet scorching summer month. Dinnerware will always find its place on wedding registries, and department stores are well aware of the fact!

Dishes and dinnerware

Last year’s winner Macy’s is expected to continue the tradition and offer the best discount dinnerware in the country. A little reminder: Last year, you could get designer items like Kate Spade dishes starting at only $7 – which is completely insane if you ask us! Other stores are sure to follow this example if they want to stay in the game. And for us, the customers, that means only one thing – cha-ching!


Back-to-school supplies

While it might seem quite early to shop for school supplies in June, this is actually the perfect month to do so! Last year, a survey showed that a typical American family spends as much as $428 on back-to-school shopping. This year, it’s time to lower that price drastically and buy smartly. Purchasing your back-to-school supplies will be easier and cheaper this year if you start a month or two earlier, as most stores are making clearance sales in order to make room for the next batch of supplies they will start selling mid-July! This means the prices will get ridiculously low, no matter where you shop. So, back-to-school supplies are definitely some of the best things to buy in June!

Back-to-school supplies

Lingerie and Swimwear

Every month has something great and unique to offer, but January and June are always celebrated by girls all around the world. Why? Because that’s exactly the time of the year Macy’s hosts their incredible semi-annual sales! The prices of lingerie and swimwear drop drastically on these sales. And we mean it – the sales are insane! Macy’s offers up to 70% off of a huge range of different styles, but the craziest discounts are put on bras and panties.


Of course, Macy’s isn’t the only retailer to offer June discounts on lingerie and swimwear. To stay in the game this summer month, most other retailers will offer some great deals of their own!


Tropical Travel with cruises

One of the most valuable things that go on sale in June is definitely relaxation. Vacation deals go crazy in June as it’s the only off-season month in summer. Hotel and cruise prices drop to their lowest as the spring break crowd clears out and mid-summer crew is still waiting for their days off. June is the ideal month for tropical travel and dream vacations with cruises!


4-day open bar cruises to Bahamas and Cuba departing at the end of the month can be found at over 40% off, starting as low as $430 per person. If that isn’t dirt cheap, we don’t know what is!


Movie tickets

The end of the school season is always sure to mean one thing – the kids will need a lot of entertainment! And what better way to spend some fun time with your children than in the movies. Luckily, movie theaters, including Cinemark and Regal, realize this and offer some crazy deals in June! The cheapest will be watching every family’s favorite – second-run family titles, which will start at the insane $0.5 at participating Cinemark locations. This deal, called the Cinemark Summer Movie Clubhouse is an already established program. It allows you to get a $5 punch card with which you can see 10 movies at various Cinemark locations. If you opt out of the punch card and decide to get box office tickets instead, you won’t lose much, as box office tickets can get as low as $1 per flick!

Movie tickets

Of course, make sure to check out your local theater’s website or printed program to figure out their specific showtimes!

Tools & Hardware

There’s nothing as rewarding as the shine of your father’s smile, isn’t it? Well, make sure to afford it to your dad this year as well with some of the amazing tool and hardware sales offered just before Father’s day on June 17th. In fact, before the 20th of June, you’ll have the opportunity to score up to 55% off tools and hardware sets at Home Depot and similar stores.

Tools & Hardware

By the way, here’s a little secret: tools are an essential part of every household. That means they can be found on wedding registries as well!


Seasonal Fruits & vegetables

Summer is the juiciest season as most fruits and vegetables start to ripen. We’re still not in fully ripe seasons as many fruit trees just ended their bloom. However, some sweet delights are already available, and that with prices over 50% lower than in their winter heights. They’re also a lot tastier when they’re in season!

First of all, our favorite juice ball is finally ripe and ready to make our bellies swell with joy – watermelons are here! Make sure to get them in June as they will get out of season pretty soon. We can still get some strawberries, but they’re already on their way out. Peaches and apricots, both incredibly good for your skin, are finally in-season as well. Cherries and plums are there to provide some healthy refreshment in the scorching summer months as well!

Lettuce, garlic, carrot, cucumber, chicory, onion, green bean, and celery are only some of the incredibly beneficial veggies you can find in the market these days – and their prices are as good as they get so hurry up!

What Should be Avoided to buy in June

You should definitely make do and wait for a better time to get summer apparel and grills, as they’re in their all-year high now that they’re in-season.

Laptops, Apple products and home techs such as air conditioners and fans are also reaching the yearly peak of their prices as they’re most commonly bought technology in the summer. Bonus tip: if you’re an owner of a laptop computer, make sure to get it cleaned from dust. Summer months can make dusty laptops overheat, which can pose a significant danger to inside parts of the machine.

Furthermore, June is not the best time to look for patio furniture either. You should probably wait for clearance sales if you decide to get some.

Finally, gym memberships are reaching their peaks in early summer but will slow down a bit later as most people venture off to vacations or outside sports fields. Wait up, and you might get an awesome deal on your membership in mid-summer!

This concludes our list of the best, and the worst purchases to make in June! Hopefully, we made this summer a little bit easier on your wallet. We wish you a great remainder of June!

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