Without CCTV Installations, You’re Inviting Crime

A case of pure negligence that led to a serious offense…

Burglar checking out the premises

In this blog post, we would like to report to you a crime which is not registered with the police. There are certain things experience unfolds, one of them is- incidents happen when you least expect. The importance of CCTV installations is undermined more often than not. However, what follows next might convince you to reconsider your strategy.

The background

New Office

Imagine a scenario when a new office, a fresh start-up was put up under certain budget constraints. The company head being a young entrepreneur operates with a certain ideology and not very mindful of the crimes that take place. Getting down to the brass tacks, the CEO decided to invest in other aspects of the business rather than on security concerns. What happened next had changed the perspective of the firm owner.

The crime

The Crime

Observing the lack of security cameras and helplessness in the business center, a commoner without any criminal record resorted to crime. All the laptops, electronic and business equipment were stolen. On the whole, the net loss couldn’t have been much, but for a start-up, it was a huge setback.  The point we are trying to make is- the absence of proper security induces criminal thoughts in a conscientious person.

The Solution

Security cameras for safety

Well-placed security cameras are not just capable of tapping the crime rate; the sky is the limit to imagine the productive use the CCTV cameras could bring.

  • Crime rate can be controlled.
  • Helps in capturing the perpetrator of the offense.
  • Increases the productivity of the employees.
  • CCTV footages can be produced in the court of law as the evidence of a crime.
  • The researchers can study the human/animal behavior for their thesis.
  • Hospitals can keep an eye on the behavioral patterns of the mentally disturbed patients in a facility
  • Security cameras usually help in preventing the vandalism of the office/domestic premises as well as parking lots.

Are CCTV cameras required?

CCTV cameras for controlling crime

Everything boils down to safety and security. What is the point of acquiring wealth when the human lives are at stake? The instance where the criminals were nabbed in various crimes was due to the presence of safety cameras. However, what we would like to impress upon is the fact that why not nip the crime in the bud by placing the CCTV cameras at strategic locations protecting the property round the clock. We say it is a worthy investment as compared to the manual protection as humans are after all fallible.

HD Wire-Free Security System

HD Wire-Free Security System


In case you happen to be the one looking for a cable-free but an active security system, then the four-camera HD wire free security system could be the solution you are looking for. The package consists of absolutely four battery-operated 1080 p security cameras with most advanced night vision and a DVR with 1-terabyte storage. This system offers one of the best surveillance systems with full coverage area due to the four-camera placement which is however extendable to six. This CCTV camera system is available for $699, however, with Lorex Technologies coupons the product is offered for just $329.99.

4K Ultra HDIP NVR System

4K Ultra HDIP NVR System

With 4K 8 MP cameras, the precision of the footage can be palpable. The set of 4K and 2k security cameras are capable of delivering footages with stunning clarity. The latest system of high-definition security cameras which are available at $1,999 is now available at 15% discount through Lorex Technologies coupon codes.

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