Women’s Clothing – ‘What You Wear’ is Imperative

Last updated on November 3rd, 2017

Change your mindset; time to focus on what you wear!

women's clothing

This blog is for all the women who think of clothing as – ‘It’s not what you wear,’ but ‘it’s why you wear.’ The fashion critic Kennedy Fraser made a statement in The New Yorker sometime back saying that the topic of women’s clothing is so trivial that it is beneath the level of debate. But, how far is the theory correct? Many fashion magazines had apparently agreed to his approach. But, we beg to differ in this matter.

Why is clothing vital to us?

While why we wear clothes is very important, it only makes up for a part of why clothing is significant to all of us. ‘What you wear’ has the same weighting as ‘why your wear.’

Let’s first see ‘why we wear clothes.’

Dressing for Warmth: Ever since the humans have evolved to be free from body hair, they needed some warmth. Scientists believe that it must be around that time, people must have started wearing some protection. Scientists have found proof dating back to 170,000 years which show that people used animal hides as a means for shielding their body. The use of clothes, textiles is estimated to have started some 27,000 years ago. Why did this change happen when the humans were content with the animal hides for warmth?

humans with body hair

The sense of fashion came as early as 5500 BC when the ancient Egyptians started producing linen. Around 4000 B.C. the Chinese were believed to produce silk. Clothes were used not for just warmth, but for fashion as well. Around 36,000 years back the first dyed fabric was introduced. People who used to wear clothes over their shoulders and pin it up at waist began to change their way of dressing. They started wearing form-fitting clothes to make themselves look attractive. Use of laces at seams, buttons were introduced as an effort to make the clothes aesthetically pleasing.

Dressing for Comfort: While the similar form of dressing made sense for both genders, clothing as such changed. They diversified clothing into women’s clothing and men’s clothing. Both sexes started adopting the ideal form of dress that best suits them.

woman in skirts

As women used to stay predominantly at home managing the household, skirts worked best for them. The trousers, though worn by modern women for comfort; typically qualified as men’s clothing. The pants give easier access to the men during hunting or climbing as compared to any other form of restrictive clothing.

The factors that show that ‘what we wear’ is also essential

fashionable woman

Fashion dictates ‘what you wear.’ No matter what kind of clothes people adopted, contemporary fashion has always ruled. It played a significant role in governing how garments should be assembled, constructed, dyed to convey a message.

 ‘What you wear’ defines who you are: Clothes you wear tell a lot of things. ‘What you wear’ in other words is the dress code. It says a lot about the social status of the person. The expensive designer clothing, jewelry you wear keeps you from physical labour and often is the distinguishing factor between the boss and the labourer.

Scottish kilt

The clothes also speak volumes about your ethnicity. For example, Scotts wear kilts, tracht is a traditional dress in Germany, Austria, saris form the ethnic women’s clothing in India, people wear conic hats in Vietnam.

Fashion Clothes for seduction game: It’s is universally accepted that clothes affect the mood, and emotions of people.

red dress woman's clothing


Not only wearing specific garments show the opposite gender that you are sexually available, but several dresses and colors are also used to set the mood for seduction.  For example, studies claim that red-colored women’s clothing increases her sex appeal and makes her more approachable.

Following the latest fashion trends make you feel confident and attractive. Fashion also offers a chance to break the stereotype and keeps the boredom at bay.

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