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A pack and move concept ideal for the people, environment, and the economy

In today’s world, we don’t find anything static, and we are constantly on the move. It is at this stage reliable transport services come to picture. There is nothing like a permanent job, and in this process, people change companies or shift locations for career progression. Transport is required for goods and packaging companies to deliver products they ordered online. Yes, people move to and fro. So is the case with goods also as lifestyle calls for buying of products from different companies that require safe delivery.

Who Wants to Move?

Move anything, for that where to find safe transport. It can be sending your furniture to another location for a temporary one year stay. The newly married couples want to be separated from their parents and live independently. For that, they look for cheap transport companies. Life is a journey, and we all depend on transport, delivery, or removals from one place to another. In such a scenario, is there anyone who offers appropriate removal services? Can anything be innovative in their service? People are looking for answers to such questions.

Innovative Moving Idea from Anyvan. is an online store catering to moving anything. This store has been in existence since 2009, and something is interesting about this store – they focus on reuse and recycle. How these two terms apply to transport, some may ask. Yeah, this is the finding of its CEO Angus who had discovered that 50% of vans on the road were traveling half empty. Check the rationale. The half space is a waste of energy where the transporter has to pay for gasoline. If that space can be used on a sharing basis, both parties can benefit. Well, let us unravel more.

Safety and Price Factors

Those who are looking for packing services will look for security and cost of the services. One can aver that shared transport can reduce the cost. Then what about the responsibility of this store? Let us check. This store is offering £50k fire and theft cover included with every move. So, here we can understand that they are a responsible service provider.

For a Better Environment

Empty vans reduce delivery costs for sure and what next. If we think about this service, we can also understand that reduction of energy makes a better environment, lesser carbon footprint. According to company’s claims, they have saved 49 million KG of CO2. So, this store has a green cause also. If this is the case, it makes sense to promote such stores, isn’t it?

Price Advantage

Ok, now we need to check what the price of their services is. When Anyvan is charging £49 for 100 miles, competitor DHL is taking £129. Wow, what a price difference! Check a few Anyvan reviews and price comparison sites and be convinced. This will give you a clear idea of how Anyvan services are advantageous on the price front. Hold on; you can still make a cheaper deal. Buy their services with AnyVan Coupon or AnyVan promo code. This will reduce your transport expense further.

Verdict and Recommendation

In the review site Trustpilot, this Anyvan has a reputation for reliability. This store is ideal for an economy that focuses on waste reduction. This concept is perfect for reducing carbon footprint. And finally, you save many pounds. That is why exactly, I strongly recommend their service. Go for it.