About BullGuard

Bullguard prides itself to be among the industry-leading antivirus. Bullguard was launched in 2002 and has year by year recorded incredible growth rate. Currently, BullGuard is one the fastest growing mobile and Internet security brands. Bullguard has a product portfolio that has won awards for recording impressive subscribers. Bullguard creates easy to use products that offer their clients complete protection for their digital footprints. Avail discounts with BullGuard Discount Code and BullGuard Coupon Code.


Products of BullGuard

BullGuard has a product portfolio comprising of:

a) Antivirus

b) 24/7 protection suite

c) Social media security and

d) Web-based identity

Different from these products, BullGuard offers its customers a data backup for both computers and mobiles. The five products provided by BullGuard are

a) BullGuard Premium Protection

b) BullGuard Internet Security

c) BullGuard Antivirus

d) BullGuard Identity Protection

e) BullGuard mobile security.



What makes BullGuard products unique?

a) BullGuard comes with more features than any other computer software. BullGuard has antispyware, antimalware, mail protection, antiphishing, instant messaging protection, antispam, safe browsing, social networking protection and an automatically removable device scanning capability. 

b) Bullguard antivirus is a good product with impressive early virus detection capability. Despite the many competitors available on the market today, BullGuard has been able to stand above the rest. The product has an antispam tool that is very rare to find. Also, the manufacturer made the interface with the different users in mind. BullGuard has a user-friendly interface, which is attractive and offers its clients an incredible customer service.

C) Bullguard can remove the different type of viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans and rootkits. 

D) When you install BullGuard, your machine will regularly be scanned looking for viruses. 

E) BullGuard protects your device when you are browsing, keeping you safe from spam

f) When you purchase a BullGuard product, you get free 5GB online backup storage.

G) Bullguard has been able to give a run for their money their competitors such as; McAfee Internet Security, Kaspersky and Bitdefender courtesy of their high-quality products.

H) According to tests done by AV-Test, the antivirus was listed among the best 25 best Internet security products after BullGuard was subjected to 20,000 common malware. After the trial, the product recorded 100 percent success, better than the industry average set at 98 percent. When the product was subjected to brand new attacks, the antivirus registered 100 percent after the second month.

i) BullGuard detection rate is impressive as it recorded an exposure time of 1 second compared to the industry time of 3 seconds. The detection rate was tested when downloading soft wares, visiting websites, running and while installing programs. Make use of Bullguard Coupons to save money on your purchase.

BullGuard services are without a doubt the best you can get. 


Bullguard Reviews

Bullguard store is designed with a user-friendly interface, which is easy to use even for first-time clients. The store is not crowded, has a perfect choice of a layout and employs attractive colors.

From the website, you can download either the free trial version that is free for 60 days or buys the product at a price of $59.95 for one year which you can use to a maximum of three computers. You can also take advantage of Bullguard Discount code so as to make a saving on the purchases. 

At BullGuard, there is an efficient live technical support to its customers, a rare feature with BullGuard. Its support center comprises of help center, product guides, forums, and lives technical assistance. From the website, you can download the Internet and mobile security. With BullGuard Internet Security you are assured of strong protection from all malware types, a fast performance that doesn't slow your computer down, an automatic scan which keeps your computer virus free and clean and your device is always protected from unwanted programs that have the potential to hijack your device.


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