Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e - Review

Install easily for Collaborative Meetings

Increasing competition, disruptive technologies, and constantly evolving business dynamics call for fast communication solutions for executives who are scattered in different continents. Communications are vital to the success of business, and if important messages are not communicated to the team in time, chances are high for a company to lose out in the competition.  

Thanks to technology advances, today instant messaging facilities are available for businesses to alert their team for immediate actions. But, the power of live meeting has its advantage as it has the edge of efficient communication and understanding process among the team members. It is in this context, easy to use video conferencing tools or equipment comes to the picture. Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e is a UVC compliant camera supporting applications like Microsoft Lync modern versions, Skype, WebEx, and Cisco Jabber.

The availability of high-tech remote conferencing tools are a boon to businesses, and their only challenge is to choose the right USB conference camera from the market. While selecting a camera for video conferencing, what should be the right criteria? It will be of immense help for the customers if they get relevant information on this topic.

Video Cameras should be Easy to Install

Organizations do conduct meetings for strategic goals. Time is a premium for businesses. First of all, complicated mechanisms to start the video conference will invite criticism as time is premium. Executives should be available for a meeting on time and meetings should also be finished promptly. Organizations often wonder, if more time is spent on meetings, where is the time to do actual work? It is at this stage simplicity of operations comes to picture to save the valuable time. Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000E has the ‘plug and play, easy to install’ features for the user to quickly start the meeting. The Logitec camera has a speakerphone unit and a central hub to connect all the devices with ease.

Image Clarity Matters in Communications

Second important thing is image clarity to ensure the flow of communication reaching the mind, or to the team to understand instructions correctly. Bright visuals and their interactions expressed with clarity play a significant role in successful communications. Logitec conference camera provides full 1080p HD resolution and 30 frames per second image quality enhancing feature. The technology is ZEISS glass lens with autofocus. This gives better image quality of people and objects extensively helping the understanding process. Crystal clear video communication is the promise of the company. This is the important feature organizations need to consider while buying a conference room video camera.

Less Nuisance Value for Other Conference Rooms

Another significant concern of businesses is they have a number of meetings simultaneously held in different parts of the floor. IT companies that are dealing with multiple projects with multiple clients face this issue. Many conference rooms are situated adjacent leading to distractions due to the noise heard from the other room. Hold on, Logitec Conference camera has features to address the concern mentioned above. The secret lies in minimizing network bandwidth. The CC3000e uses H.264 encoding to reduce network bandwidth. Logitech also controls the unit's Bluetooth range stopping noise reaching the adjacent conference rooms.

Verdict and Recommendation

Amazon reviews are giving good feedback on its video and audio quality. The product is available for $995. Competitors are offering similar products; for example, Lumens VC-G30 HD PTZ Video Camera is priced at $1,790. VDO360 VPTZH-01 Original Video Camera costs $919, and VDO360 VPTZH-02 Compass Video Camera is available for $851. Reviews hold Logitec CC3000E in high esteem.  One reviewer sums up, “the key is in the compression of video and audio enabling it supportable for remote people.” Ultimately, what organizations want is the same for video conferences. Go for the best video conferencing solutions with Logitec.