Q Squared: Where Luxury Serveware Becomes Home Experience

Style and hygiene on your dinner table! Eat well, serve well, save well, with melamine dinnerware.

A famous saying goes like this, “You are what you eat.” Sounds good, isn’t it? All of us love food and people have their liking or disliking towards some food or the other. Loving food is one experience and having it is another experience. For that food should go well with the accompaniment or serve in appealing serve ware. Imagine a scenario where the favorite delicacies are served in unappealing crockery. How do you feel? Don’t you feel offensive? It is at this stage attractive tableware comes to picture.

Psychological Satisfaction of Eating in Hygienic Plates

You are an executive. Food alone will not give you mental satisfaction while eating. Then what? Here comes the outcome.  A good dish becomes palatable when it is served in hygienic dinnerware. Melamine plates and bowls are unbreakable plates that have a look and feel of porcelain and ceramic crockery, but durable in nature. Q Squared is a tableware designer that has been in existence since 2011. They create durable and versatile tableware for homes and organizations.

Why Melamine Over Porcelain?

Shoppers, check the normal buying trend of people and their preference for porcelain or ceramic dinnerware. When is the market share high for Chinese products, how and why it is necessary for the customers to opt for a shift for melamine real simple dinnerware? Some may think in this angle. It is at this stage proper consumer education has to start so that people will have a clear understanding of the value of this product over other materials. Let us search the features one by one.

Shortlist Unbreakable Qualities

First of all, that is a con, the non-breakable qualities with the help of melatline resin present in the mold. Melatline resin is a combination of melatline with formaldehyde. The mixture is forced into a mold using heat and pressure to make melamine serve ware. Melamine products are heat resistant, fire resistant, and virtually unbreakable plates. So, the bottom line here is individual houses and organizations require high-quality luxury dinnerware that is not easy to break. Hope you will agree with me.

Consider Cost Savings

If the dinnerware is unbreakable dishes, you can save on the cost and maintenance front. Isn’t it a good idea? The FDA’s official website states that food and drinks are fine to serve on melamine tableware. Therefore, the serveware is durable, appealing, and hygienic. If you are after these three qualities, buy melamine tableware.

Easywash Features

Hygiene is the next important concern that comes to the mind of informed customers. If the crockery has the quality of less sticky, then it is a favorable factor to purchase the dish. It is at this point, melamine plates and bowls show its utility. These dishes are easier to wash where users can save their time and effort to maintain it with easy cleaning. This crockery is dishwasher safe too. Got interested, buy this tableware.

Variety of Dinnerware

If variety is your concern, you can try this product. It is all broad range of luxury dinnerware like bread and butter plate, dinner plate, salad plate, cereal bowl in attractive colors. Also, buy serving sets, platters, dip bowls, coasters, trays, etc. Read a few Q Squared reviews and gain more insights.

The Bottom line

Q Squared’s featured products are available for sale. Buy their new arrival dinnerware sets, glasses, a dip bowl, crockery in attractive colors. Savvy shoppers can expect a lot from Q Squared store. Adorn your showcases with melamine crockery which is considered as the best thanks to its style, durability, non-breakability, etc. While buying their products ensure you get a price reduction with the help of Q Squared Promo Codes and Q Squared Coupons. This store encourages the first time buyers with 15% discounts.