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One of the biggest challenges for modern society is the struggle to keep fit and in proper shape. Staying in shape will increase life expectancy, promote good health, and make you enjoy your body while you’re alive. If you are one of those who don’t have a flair for jogging or exercising in public, you will need to acquire your gym equipment. offers discounts providing a complete gym equipment shopping experience of all time. 

With over 80 exercises in just one machine, TotalGymDirect is the best source for exercise equipment in the name. Total Gym can help if you have only ten to twenty minutes per day to reshape your physical form. Endorsed by Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris, TotalGymdirect allows you to see real results in a brief period. You can also take advantage of TotalGymDirect Coupon Codes to make a saving on the purchases.


Total Gym XLS: The total gym XLS product on the Totalgymdirect website is designed for people who want to exercise with ease and pleasure. The product is easy to assemble, and it contains a ribbed squat stand, leg pull accessory, and wing attachment. This fantastic home gym equipment is easy to learn and utilize for different exercise needs. You can also buy other accessories and purchase training DVDs so that you can experiment with different poses and positions. Buying the Total Gym XLS online gives you a great price advantage, as you will be able to save at least 60% of the original price. 

Total Gym FIT: If you’re looking for gym equipment that will give you the fitness of your life, then you should consider the Total Gym FIT. The product is one of the newest products offered by Total Gym Direct for their customers. It provides twice the level of resistance than other products, features a new glider with extra comfort, a reinforced slide pivot assembly, and an upgraded pulley and cable system. It allows up to 85 different exercise movements, has a leg pulley with a detachable bracket and flexible nylon strand handles. This machine is available in two different purchase plans, and you save up to 33% when you buy online. 

Total Gym GTS: This award-winning Home gym equipment has provided millions of workout time for exercise enthusiasts in more than 20 countries. These laurels and victories make it the most likely recommendation for your home workout gym. GTS has a 22 calibrated resistance level and an adjustable glide board for optimal spinal adjustment. With this home gym equipment, you can do up to 200 exercises, utilizing the user’s manual and DVD training. Total Gym GTS also has a wide range of accessories that you can use, e.g., 3-grid Pull-up bar, scrunch, arms pulley system, folding foot holders, and telescoping squat stands. 

Total Gym Direct Coupons

Total Gym Supreme: There is no better way to enrich your home exercise gym than complete gym equipment. With this equipment, you can enjoy a wide range of gym accessories, including Trip-Grip shaper bars, leg-pull accessories, Pilates toe bar, and AbCrunch. It is suitable for all training types, including resistant training, strength and stretch training, cardio training, and resistance training. Transform your home training with the benefits of accessories like flexible nylon strap handles, adjustment knob, padded pillow, and an incredible user weight capacity of 275lb. The product costs only $529.75, and you get free shipping regardless of the shipping option you selected. 

Total Gym Direct Workouts: GTS has the highest total number of over 200 exercises while SUPREME has the lowest, around the range of over 60. All products designed to fold for storage, and all except GTS would require assembly. Also, the GTS weighs the most at 180lbs, while SUPREME weighs the least at 56lbs. Warranty on parts for all the equipment is a lifetime, except for GTS with a five-year warranty. When you purchase any FIT, XLS, or SUPREME, you enjoy free shipping and delivery to your home. If you bought GTS, however, you would require freight shipping.  

Outlet specials: Totalgymdirect has a section created for people interested in taking advantage of TotalGymDirect Coupon Codes, Discounts, and exclusive deals, which is an opportunity for you to put up a first-class home gym with plenty of savings. The products in outlet specials are new, but they cannot sell anymore because they have suffered a little dent during movement. You can purchase these products at a very high discount of up to 60% and more. You can also choose from a large variety of product types, which is bound to transform your gym, no matter what your intentions are. 

Total Gym Celebrities:

Many Hollywood celebrities and famous athletes support the entire gym brand. Hollywood celebrities include Chuck Norris, an actor, screenwriter, producer, and martial artist. There is also Christie Berkley, an actress, and model, with a top-class reputation. There is also Wisely Snipes, who is an actor that uses the Total Gym brand and testifies of how well it helps him keep in shape. Famous dancer Anna Trebunskaya, football player Kellen Winslow Jr, Tri-athlete Barb Lindquist, and gold medal gymnast Kurt Thomas immensely fascinated about this equipment. Use exclusive Coupon Codes available at and save on your purchases if you want even more discounts.